The HookersCompositions & Recordings

The Hookers was formed in Louisville, Kentucky, 1994 by Adam Neal a.k.a. The Rock n' Roll Outlaw and Noel Reucroft a.k.a. Stoney Tombs.
Current line up: The Rock n' Roll Outlaw - Vocals, Juan Badmutha - Bass, Alex Mccandless - Guitar, Russia - Drums
Sounds Like: The Dwarves, Motörhead, Manowar, Nashville Pussy, Orange Goblin, Zeke

Bio: “During the Civil War prostitutes were known as ‘Hookers’ after an obliging Union General of the same name who supplied his men with the passion to keep fighting the good fight. The same spirit lives on in the modern day HOOKERS who have been schooling audiences in hardcore punk technique for so long sometimes even they forget how great they truly are. And like a whore gone to seed, the mighty HOOKERS just keep on getting more depraved, more insane and more brutal with their two chord assault. Who says the day of miracles is past?" BLAG DAHLIA - ROCK LEGEND/THE DWARVES