Steve Brown (27)


Steve started in the music business in 1975 working for import / export company Charmdale Records, from where in 1978 he went on to run the distribution operation at Faulty Products. A chance meeting with Genesis P-Orridge led to the formation of Fetish Records later in 1978 and then on to creating Red Records (4) in 1979 as an outlet for releases by The Lines who he also managed.
In 1982 along with some ex employees of Fresh Records (14) started new label and distribution company Jungle Records and its subsidiary Fallout Records.
While at Jungle Records he was responsible for Conflict (2), their labels Mortarhate Records and Fight Back Records, as well as discovering and mentoring Broken Bones.
In 1986 he met Fields Of The Nephilim, taking over their management and signing the band to Beggars Banquet.
When the original incarnation of Fields Of The Nephilim split up he went on to manage, amongst others, The Darkside, Creaming Jesus and Throb (5) (later Gauge (6)).

Now retired and spends his time walking his dogs on Epsom Downs and as a contributor to Discogs.

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