Sp!n was Steve Mason and Matt James' original band before Gene. Matt, John Mason, AKA Steve Mason's brother, and Lee Clarke met studying at Thames Polytechnic. In 1987 the trio recorded a single "Flight Of Angels" and released it under the name The Go Hole. The Go Hole was apparently considered an "experimental pop band". The single was released on their Big Pop Records and 'cleverly' distributed by Pinnacle. John Peel did in fact have them in the studio on 17 November 1987. They played three other tracks titled "Bayonet Practice", "Treacherous", & "I'll Be Waiting".

In 1989 they changed their name to Sp!n. Sp!n blended the classic 1989-1993 'Baggy Pop Manchester Sound' with a tougher bite of South London guitar grooves. Lee wrote most of the songs for the band. They opened for acts such as Manic Street Preachers & Thousand Yard Stare, they headlined at venues like the Windsor Old Trout and Underworld. All releases were put on The Foundation Label and distributed by Rough Trade.

Sp!n recorded one full-length album titled In Motion, and two singles for "Let's Pretend" and "Scratches [in the sand]". Later on 23 March 1991, there was a horrible accident where a truck hit the band's stalled van. The accident threw their manager and their live engineer, Andrew 'Snake' Newton, out of the van into a nearby field. Their manager broke several bones, and 'Snake' had broke his back spending 6 months in the hospital. Matt was left with a broken wrist, Steve with a broken collarbone, and worst of all John with skull damage. John was in a coma for several weeks. He had to have reconstructive surgery and unfortunately resulting in him leaving the band. That was when Kevin Miles, Steve and Matt's neighbor, filled in on bass. Kev was recommended by his roommate, Sp!n's manager. A while later, the soon to be 'fifth member' of Gene, Jerry Smith, took over as manager. Jerry would spend over ten years working with Gene.

Lee then left the band to pursue a career in dance music. In 1993 Lee Clarke was in a duo with Andrew 'Snake' Newton. Newton has engineered for both Sp!n and Gene, and has contributed in producing many B-sides during the Drawn to the Deep End era. They were dubbed Volatile. Lee Clarke has not been in the music business since. Newton continues as one of Gene's live engineers, as well as one for Duran Duran's 2004 tour.

Finally in 1991, the band hired a 'temporary vocalist', who Steve met at the Underworld. He was Martin T. Falls, who would soon be dubbed Martin Rossiter (Martin came up with this alias from Mark E. Smith's band, The Fall). With this new line up, the band recorded their last effort, Hot Blood EP. Their last Peel session was in February 1992. With one more try the band released a cassette demo titled Demos September 1992. The demo featured "Decide", which later became Gene's 1995 B-side "I Can't Decide If She Really Loves Me". The demo was distributed through Jerry Smith's Amalgamated Talent in London. Eventually, these four boys became Gene.

Steve Mason: Guitar
Matt James "Wrigley": Drums
Lee Clarke: Vocals, Guitar
John Mason: Bass
Former members:
Martin T. Falls: Vocals
Kev Miles: Bass
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Sp!n - In Motion album art Sp!n In Motion (Album) The Foundation Label UK 1991 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

Sp!n - Scratches (In The Sand) album art Sp!n Scratches (In The Sand) (Single) The Foundation Label UK 1990 Sell This Version
Sp!n - Hot Blood EP album art Sp!n Hot Blood EP (EP) The Foundation Label, The Foundation Label UK 1991 Sell This Version
Sp!n - Let's Pretend album art Sp!n Let's Pretend (Single, Maxi) The Foundation Label UK 1991 Sell This Version


??? Sp!n - Demos September 1992 album art Sp!n Demos September 1992(Cass, Smplr) Amalgamated Talent ??? 1992 Sell This Version

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