Real Name:
Duane Anthony Bradley
Born 1955 - Died October 2, 1999 (complications from asthma and pneumonia)

Duane "In-The-Mix" Bradley was a DJ and producer native to Detroit.

For nearly 20 years he held a mix show spot on FM98 WJLB including the "Midday Cuise Mix" show and also Mix 92.3 FM. Duane's body of work as a producer was immense and included contributions to The Best of Personal Record, which featured George Kranz' eternal hit, "Din Daa Daa," as well as projects with Kathy Kosins, Was (Not Was), Midway and the legendary house music group Inner City.
In Groups:
Duane Bradley - R.J.'s Latest Arrival album art R.J.'s Latest Arrival Understanding R.J.'s Latest Arrival - R.J.'s Latest Arrival (Album) Atlantic South Africa 1985 Sell This Version