Real Name:
Maximiliano Faccio
At the end of eighties the production of electronic music, such as R&S, WARP, KK, Nova Mute, Plus 8 etc., caught my attention. As a result I started buying my electronic equipments and gave born to my own music. I did not follow strictly a specific path but I developed a mix between Detroit, Ambient, Trip-hop, Break-bit, Jazz & Boogie. After that I played my music in different places like Rave parties and clubs getting lot of agreement everywhere. In 1998 I released my material with the partnership of TRIBE label. In the meanwhile I kept inventing my own music and I worked as Sound Designer for the EIEN interactive films with Andrea Toniolo (Art Director). In 2002 I remixed Moodlex “original”, MOGDAX version track, for the Wally’s Groove World label. After that I never stop releasing music..

I worship the analog sound from analog instruments, but I also like using the new software now available. It was hard to choose between the different types of instruments, I had no choice but to buy one and learn from the instrument itself. Once I’d bought my first Casio drum machine and my first Akai sampler I learned what sound I was really looking for and what machine would satisfy my needs. If I wanted a filtered and dirty bass I would use Roland; if I wanted an accurate and calibrated sound, I’d prefer to use my Korg or Quasimidi…The sound is the most important thing in conveying the exact feeling you have while you do your track. Talking about software, it’s useful to help the work of an artist, but it’s also standardizing the music scene at the present time.


Mog Discography

Singles & EPs

004 MOG Submersion(3xFile, AIFF, MP3, WAV, EP) Family House Records 004 Italy 2014
002 MOG First Sign(3xFile, AIFF, MP3, WAV, EP) Family House Records 002 Italy 2014

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