Malo (2)

Real Name:
Malo's current lineup includes:
Arcelio Garcia, lead vocals; Ramiro Amador, bass; David George, drums; Gabriel Manzo, lead guitar; Jay Rossette, 2nd lead guitar; Daniel Cervantes, keyboards; Frank Bailey, lead trumpet; Pete Rodriguez, trumpet, trombone; Jack Musgrove trumpet, flogahorn; and Tony Menjivar, congas / timbales. Another addition to the current Malo is Arcelio’s son, Octaviano, an excellent singer and performer in his own right.
Founded in 1972 during what some would note as the first big explosion of Latin-influenced rock music, Malo recorded and released four albums for Warner Bros. Records over the following two years.

Most will no doubt recall Malo from their singles that peppered pop radio at the time. The most successful of these was, of course, "Suavecito." By the early 1970s, Latin rock, of which bands like Santana and War are prime examples, was just coming into existence. At the time, the word on the street was that another Bay Area band, Azteca, who had been put together by ex-Santana sideman and occasional Malo timbales player Coke Escovedo, were likely to next band that would be able to best take artistic and fiscal advantage of the success of the official Santana Latin rock formula. But it was a group by the name of Malo, formerly calling themselves The Malibus, that stepped up to the challenge.

Malo were already flirting with Latin rhythms and percussion by the time they were spotted by future Malo record producer David Rubinson, who had signed Carlos Santana's band Santana to Columbia Records a few years earlier. Rubinson was impressed with the band from the very first he saw them play, at a seamy San Jose Avenue Club, and soon he was helping spread the word about the explosive Latin rock party down sounds of Malo. After impressing A&R executives at Warner Bros., Malo were signed to an exclusive recording contract.
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BS 2652 Malo (2) - Dos album art Malo (2) Dos (Album) Warner Bros. Records BS 2652 US 1972 Sell This Version
BS 2584 Malo (2) - Malo album art Malo (2) Malo (Album) Warner Bros. Records BS 2584 US 1972 Sell This Version
WB 46 221, (BS 2702) Malo (2) - Evolution album art Malo (2) Evolution (Album) Warner Bros. Records WB 46 221, (BS 2702) Germany 1973 Sell This Version
CTW 25507 Malo (2) - ¡Sesame Mucho! album art The Original Cast*, Jim Henson's Muppets*, Vikki CarrJose Feliciano*Malo (2) The Original Cast*, Jim Henson's Muppets*, Vikki CarrJose Feliciano*Malo (2) - ¡Sesame Mucho! (Album) Children's Records Of America, Sesame Street CTW 25507 US 1974 Sell This Version
P-8426W Malo (2) - Ascención album art Malo (2) Ascención (Album) Warner Bros. Records P-8426W Japan 1974 Sell This Version
TRC-107 Malo (2) - V album art Malo (2) V (Album) Traq Records TRC-107 US 1981 Sell This Version
BLU 709 Malo (2) - Coast To Coast album art Malo (2) Coast To Coast(LP) Blue Heron Records BLU 709 US 1986 Sell This Version
GNP5 2244 Malo (2) - Señorita album art Malo (2) Señorita (Album) GNP Crescendo GNP5 2244 1995 Sell This Version
NB 9801 Malo (2) - Rocks The Rockies! album art Malo (2) Rocks The Rockies!(CD, Album) Night Beat Records NB 9801 US 1998 Sell This Version
H2 0946 3 40050 2 9 Malo (2) - En Vivo / Live album art Malo (2) En Vivo / Live(CD, Album) EMI Latin H2 0946 3 40050 2 9 US 2005 Sell This Version
2065 79256 2 Malo (2) - Live album art Malo (2) Live(CD, Album) Thump Records 2065 79256 2 US 2006 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

WB 16 227 Malo (2) - Latin Bugaloo / Midnight Thoughts album art Malo (2) Latin Bugaloo / Midnight Thoughts (Single) Warner Bros. Records WB 16 227 Germany 1972 Sell This Version
WB 7605 Malo (2) - Café / Peace album art Malo (2) Café / Peace (Single) Warner Bros. Records WB 7605 US 1972 Sell This Version
WBR 7559 Malo (2) - Suavecito / Nena album art Malo (2) Suavecito / Nena (Single) Warner Bros. Records WBR 7559 Peru 1972 Sell This Version
45 YP-40 Malo (2) - Just Say Goodbye / Pana album art Malo (2) Just Say Goodbye / Pana(7", Single) Yankı 45 YP-40 Turkey 1972 Sell This Version
WB 7668 Malo (2) - I'm For Real album art Malo (2) I'm For Real (Single) Warner Bros. Records WB 7668 Canada 1973 Sell This Version
WB 7692 Malo (2) - I Don't Know album art Malo (2) I Don't Know (Single) Warner Bros. Records WB 7692 Canada 1973 Sell This Version
GX 07-810 Malo (2) - Moviéndome hacia afuera = Moving away album art Malo (2) Moviéndome hacia afuera = Moving away(7", EP) Warner Bros. Records GX 07-810 Mexico 1973 Sell This Version
HS-911 Malo (2) - Oye Mama album art Malo (2) Oye Mama(7") Warner Bros. Records HS-911 Spain 1973 Sell This Version
TR-109S, TR-109L Malo (2) - Lady I Love album art Malo (2) Lady I Love (Single) Traq Records TR-109S, TR-109L US 1981 Sell This Version
TR7-110 Malo (2) - It's A Lovely Day album art Malo (2) It's A Lovely Day(7", Single) Traq Records TR7-110 US 1981 Sell This Version
BLU 12709 Malo (2) - Suavecito album art Malo (2) Suavecito(12") Blue Heron Records BLU 12709 US 1987 Sell This Version
GNPD 1410 Malo (2) - Vamanos A Bailar Techno Merengue Rocking Espanol album art Malo (2) Vamanos A Bailar Techno Merengue Rocking Espanol(CD, Maxi) GNP Crescendo GNPD 1410 US 1997 Sell This Version
0946 40671 2 6 Malo (2) Ritmo Reggaeton(CD, Single, Promo) EMI Latin 0946 40671 2 6 US 2005 Sell This Version
GWB 7651 Malo (2) - Suavecito / Cafe album art Malo (2) Suavecito / Cafe (Single) Warner Bros. Records GWB 7651 US Unknown Sell This Version