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British jazz bassist and composer, born April 27th, 1956 in Chester (England). He plays the A.L.L. bass, a bass designed and built for him by Antoine Leducq, with 6 or 7 strings which cover most of the cello range and the double bass range, plus 12 or 14 sitar-like sympathetic strings.

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In Groups:Alex Maguire's Cat O'Nine Tails, Atlas (23), Babu Trio, Carta Bianca In Clusone, Company (2), Daunik Lazro Quintet, Dean-Trovesi Double Quartet, Deep Joy Trio, Deep Whole Trio, Dennis Gonzalez Band Of Sorcerers, Dig Deep Trio, Double Dreamtime, Elton Dean Quartet, Elton Dean Quintet, Elton Dean's Unlimited Saxophone Company, Henri Roger Trio, Howard Riley / Elton Dean Quartet, J'ozz Quartet, John Stevens Trio, Keith Tippett Septet
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