Delta 9

Real Name:Dave Rodgers

Chicago based hardcore/gabber DJ/Producer. Also known for his production on Industrial Strength Records. The name Delta 9 is taken from "Δ9-THC" (full name of "delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol"), but more commonly known as "THC", the main active chemical compound in Cannabis.

Delta 9 from Chicago has been producing since 1994, starting with 'Deep 13' & 'The Hate Tank' on Drop Bass Network Records. His many releases with Industrial Strength Records date back to 1995, and he is responsible for many classic tracks.

Delta 9, is also owner of Psychotik Records and Devil times Nine, and has over 40 solo 12" releases (including under his alias 'The Imposters' ) and has appeared on over 200 compilations including all the massive powerhouses like the Thunderdome series, Helraiser, Third Movement's Demolition, the Mysteryland series, Masters of Hardcore comps and many more. He has also done many remixes including for bands such as "Corrosion of Conformity," "Napalm Death," and "Soil."

By the way, Delta 9 was forced to go to Sunday school as a kid, and that, should be mentioned.

Delta 9 continues to produce relentlessly and DJ all over the USA and Europe with his unique and aggressive style.

Sites:MySpace , Facebook
Aliases:Dave Delta, Dave Rodgers (2), DJ Dave & The Chicago Hardcore Party Force, Lords Of Darkness (3), Shadowman (3)
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