Mellow Man Ace

Real Name:Ulpiano Sergio Reyes

A Hispanic rapper known for bilingual delivery and novelty rhymes.
Born Ulpiano Sergio Reyes in Havana, Cuba, 1967, he left Cuba with his family at the age of four and resettled in Los Angeles.

His debut album "Escape from Havana" was released on Capitol in 1989 and featured production from The Dust Brothers and Def Jef. Almost a year later, the single "Mentirosa" was a Top 20 hit with Ace rapping over a crafty hook from Santana's "Evil Ways". Also a member of the Latin Alliance project and Reyes Brothers (and the younger brother of Cypress Hill's Sen Dog), Mellow Man Ace recorded one further album, "The Brother with Two Tongues", before virtually retiring from the scene. He returned in 2000 with the release of "From Darkness Into Light". , Facebook , Wikipedia
Aliases:Sergio Reyes (2), Willie Malo
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