Hermetique Garage

Hermetique Garage

Members: Alessandro Niero, Nicola Boer, Giacomo Bertoldi, Nicola Boer, Giulio Maria Genovesi, Mauro Martinelli

4-pieces Venice(Italy) psych/alternative rock band formed in 2009. After just one year playing ‘60,‘70s and ‘90s rock songs(Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, Lou Reed, Nina Simone ecc) under another alias, the band took the first step into creating his own music and choose his definitive name: Hermetique Garage was chosen as tribute to french artist and illustrator Jean “Moebius” Giraud’s most famous work, “Le garage hermetique”. The name was also chosen as a manifesto for the band artistic intents, inspired by Moebius’s freedom of experimentation and aesthetic eclecticism. Starting from a rock background declined in his 60’s and 70’s psych rock variation and going through the path of ‘90s grunge stoner and post rock, the band sometimes flirts with jazz, adding here and there some electronic extravaganzas.


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Hermetique Garage NOW|HERE (Where's Atlantis?) (EP) Not On Label (Hermetique Garage Self-released) Italy 2010 Sell This Version

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