Of Montreal

Real Name:of Montreal

of Montreal is a band from Athens, GA.
The band’s recorded material can be divided into two distinct periods. Their early work focused on 60s-tinged pop and psychedelic elements channeled through the prism of Kevin Barnes’s unique lyricism. In more recent years of Montreal's style changed to a mixture of electronica, funk, glam, and afrobeat music influenced by Prince and David Bowie. , Bandcamp , Facebook , Instagram , Lastfm , Songkick , Soundcloud , Tumblr , X , YouTube , Wikipedia
Members:Ahmed Abdullahi Gallab, Al Daglis, Andy Gonzales (2), Bennett Lewis, Bob Parins, Bryan Poole, Clayton Rychlik, Davey Pierce, David Barnes (3), Derek Almstead, Dottie Alexander, James Huggins, Jason Nesmith (2), Jojo Glidewell, Julian Koster, K Ishibashi, Kaoru Ishibashi, Kevin Barnes, Nicolas Dobbratz, Nina Grøttland
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