Ricardo Villalobos willie.luz

January 20, 2021
edited 3 months ago
I am sorry for all those that can't understand what they hear when they play a Villalobos track.
Get yourself a big high end speaker and see it coming or visit him playing live .

Ricardo Villalobos vog

May 26, 2020
Revisiting his catalog today. Several releases still sound remarkable. I almost feel sorry for those who can't hear it.

Ricardo Villalobos AlbertHofstein

May 9, 2019
edited about 1 year ago
I heard this dude playing twice. First in 2006 at Panorama bar. Lovely night and versatile set. Heard him again, different set and setting.. it was monotonic and cheap techhouse. As a producer he is utter shit. I agree with the negative comments below. The tracks really go nowhere, but not in a good way. I haven't heard anything outstanding, or different since "easy lee". He feels stuck with this one sound signature. Every track derivatives from the other. And I will never forgive him what he did with ECM ... that was the worst!

Ricardo Villalobos lexluc

April 4, 2020
You probably don´t get the music or ambient at all. No problem, that may just be personal taste. However, it is considered as one of the sweetest and most intelligent ambient pieces ever. For those who are wondering: He is talking about Ricci´s and and Max Loderbauer´s Re:ECM.

Ricardo Villalobos lajoula

October 17, 2019
"And I will never forgive him what he did with ECM ... " - What do you mean?

Probably something very important to not be able to tell, but still tell it partially: that is stupidity and air of greatness.

Ricardo Villalobos chaeschuechli

June 18, 2019
"And I will never forgive him what he did with ECM ... " - What do you mean?

Ricardo Villalobos Moskalus

January 7, 2018
My favourite producer/dj of all time. Absolute legend. A big inspiration for me

Ricardo Villalobos Pistachios

January 25, 2019
we love san deeeemus.

Ricardo Villalobos KeanuReeves

January 16, 2018
Hear hear! Thanks by the way for your youtube channel. I appreciate your uploads a lot :) .

Ricardo Villalobos angeleica4711

December 4, 2015
there is nothing to get. if you have the time, ricardo has the vibe.

Ricardo Villalobos Txdr

October 4, 2015
you don't "have to get it"; let the ones that "get it" enjoy it. "i get it" ricardo... "i get it"...

Ricardo Villalobos as reviewed by Mongodeluxe

September 17, 2015
Maybe all the critics that are not impressed by ricardo should listen to the stuff between 1998 and 2007 to understand the hype about him. And should I mention that it is druggy, repetitive music that needs time? Perfect music for Afterhour-Parties, when you are far away from being sober - like him ;)

Ricardo Villalobos as reviewed by dj_norf_yurksha

March 30, 2015
I hold my hands up and admit I simply just do not get what the fuss is all about. I find his music boring and totally lacking in content, I just feel nothing when I hear it.
On a good night he can be a fantastic DJ playing very varied sets and playing far more interesting, groovy and sexier music than he makes.

Ricardo Villalobos MatasBalta

September 24, 2020
you will get it one day :) It took me a while

Ricardo Villalobos Asim0v

December 11, 2014
there's a difference between minimal and boring and for all the fans and money ricardo viallobos is stuck in the latter. there's nothing to his tracks, no groove, no hunger. its not even intricate. If you want minimal head detroit's way and listen to hood and terrence dixon. they'll show you the way

Ricardo Villalobos komakurt

November 5, 2020
please duuude no grooove ???? there is always a constant change in his grooves and drum programming .. outstanding subtil changes through all his tracks ... exspecially before 2007 !!! after 2k7 he stuck in a deep ketamine hole and you can hear that ....its music from a drug head for drug heads and if i remember his 8h set @ Cocoon loves Tresor or Its not over Tresor Closing w/ Hawtin i get goosebumps all over my body ...not to forget his outstanding all night long performances at Robert Johnson or PanoBar...hes not someone you can listen to when he plays only 2h festival sets ...you need to go to a all night long performance ...i bet you will change your mind bruuh

Ricardo Villalobos as reviewed by Kid.Kiani

November 23, 2012
jiggawhat sums it up perfectly: if someone defined house after 2000, it's Villalobos. Anno 2012, if you're that hip dude, it's not 'cool' anymore to like his music. Minimal has passed, house does not want a lot of experiment lately and if someone defines 'dancefloor experiment', it's again Villalobos. A RA reviewer once called him 'the divider of opinions', a statement that perfectly grasps how the public thinks about him now. You like his sound or you're against it. A shame, because when you're really honest, you'll have to admit he made a number of really timeless tracks. I bet that in 10 years time, Villalobos will be seen as one of the greatest movers of the European club scene, also by the ones that now despise his sound just because it's 'old'.

Ricardo Villalobos komakurt

November 5, 2020
word. nothin to add bruuh! not to forget his track selections