Ricardo Villalobos AlbertHofstein

May 9, 2019
edited about 1 month ago
I heard this dude playing twice. First in 2006 at Panorama bar. Lovely night and versatile set. Heard him again, different set and setting.. it was monotonic and cheap techhouse. As a producer he is utter shit. I agree with the negative comments below. The tracks really go nowhere, but not in a good way. I haven't heard anything outstanding, or different since "easy lee". He feels stuck with this one sound signature. Every track derivatives from the other. And I will never forgive him what he did with ECM ... that was the worst!

Ricardo Villalobos thr33tim3

December 7, 2018
Oh yes, I "get it": This is extremely boring hyper-extended "minimal" techno for people on lots of drugs. It sounded that way in 2000 and it still sounds that way.
Ever notice how basically no other professional artist besides this dude bothers with producing 20+ minute go-nowhere techno trax/remixes? Why do you suppose that is?

Ricardo Villalobos joisdaschoweihnachte

February 22, 2019
I'm now 44 years old and listen to electronic music since 1993. It's hard to discover, that in 2018 people still don't understand this music and posting stupid comments like this.

Ricardo Villalobos Faustinaitis

February 15, 2019
edited 4 months ago
If you start with hate, I'll do it too. If we talk about over hyped music in mainstream tech scene, this is still better than boring ostgut ton / 'boom boom only' drumcode style. Vibe only, love Villalobos.

Ricardo Villalobos madrfadr_on_wax

February 13, 2019
this review looks like youtube comment. please dont do this, if you dont like some music you dont need to post hateful comments on dedicated page here

Ricardo Villalobos Ich_bin_kein_Roboter

February 10, 2019
Well, you're wrong as far as boring is concerned and, correct me if I'm wrong, a little jealous, as far as "professional artist" is concerned?

Ricardo Villalobos dcxSt

January 8, 2019
Please expound, I don't really get your point - like what is it for you that makes it 'go-nowhere'

Ricardo Villalobos Moskalus

January 7, 2018
My favourite producer/dj of all time. Absolute legend. A big inspiration for me

Ricardo Villalobos Pistachios

January 25, 2019
we love san deeeemus.

Ricardo Villalobos KeanuReeves

January 16, 2018
Hear hear! Thanks by the way for your youtube channel. I appreciate your uploads a lot :) .

Ricardo Villalobos angeleica4711

December 4, 2015
there is nothing to get. if you have the time, ricardo has the vibe.

Ricardo Villalobos Txdr

October 4, 2015
you don't "have to get it"; let the ones that "get it" enjoy it. "i get it" ricardo... "i get it"...

Ricardo Villalobos as reviewed by Mongodeluxe

September 17, 2015
Maybe all the critics that are not impressed by ricardo should listen to the stuff between 1998 and 2007 to understand the hype about him. And should I mention that it is druggy, repetitive music that needs time? Perfect music for Afterhour-Parties, when you are far away from being sober - like him ;)

Ricardo Villalobos as reviewed by DJNORTHENER

March 30, 2015
I hold my hands up and admit I simply just do not get what the fuss is all about. I find his music boring and totally lacking in content, I just feel nothing when I hear it.
On a good night he can be a fantastic DJ playing very varied sets and playing far more interesting, groovy and sexier music than he makes.

Ricardo Villalobos Asim0v

December 11, 2014
there's a difference between minimal and boring and for all the fans and money ricardo viallobos is stuck in the latter. there's nothing to his tracks, no groove, no hunger. its not even intricate. If you want minimal head detroit's way and listen to hood and terrence dixon. they'll show you the way

Ricardo Villalobos as reviewed by Kid.Kiani

November 23, 2012
jiggawhat sums it up perfectly: if someone defined house after 2000, it's Villalobos. Anno 2012, if you're that hip dude, it's not 'cool' anymore to like his music. Minimal has passed, house does not want a lot of experiment lately and if someone defines 'dancefloor experiment', it's again Villalobos. A RA reviewer once called him 'the divider of opinions', a statement that perfectly grasps how the public thinks about him now. You like his sound or you're against it. A shame, because when you're really honest, you'll have to admit he made a number of really timeless tracks. I bet that in 10 years time, Villalobos will be seen as one of the greatest movers of the European club scene, also by the ones that now despise his sound just because it's 'old'.

Ricardo Villalobos as reviewed by jiggawhat

August 20, 2012
Possibly the single most iconic producer of today. Hell, I'll throw out the dirty word - superstar - when describing this guy. I love his music, from his brilliant debut album to his outstanding Fabric mix. He's got that rare talent to make storming dance tracks out of nothing more than a couple of percussive beats. As a DJ, he's one of the masters of his craft. If there's anyone that defined 2000s underground electronic dance, it was Ricardo Villalobos.

Ricardo Villalobos as reviewed by STIPE

June 14, 2005
edited over 7 years ago
Villalobos has it all to set up a great show! Attitude & vibe, great music. He plays best of house, deep, techno, acid. In the summer of 2004 in Valparaíso, Chile he played a wicked set @ Sundeck, Muelle Baron, from 5 until 9 am. Best time to hear to those really long & abstract tracks watchin' the sunrise on a bridge with the pacific ocean below yer feet!!!! After that a small ammount of ppl, 20 at the most hung out all sunday by pool beside the ocean with villalobos playin' at sunset again. He always has the vanguard in music. It's all about that mixing attitude he has when spinning tracks. Tall, clumsy (specially at those after events!!!) low profile are just the perfect dressing for an incredible time! About someone saying he's a bad Bj... He could've had some technical problems or have just been exhausted... We've all been there at some stage. Haven't we??? As Sushanti - his southamerican manager- usually yells: "Wake up! I love you baby!"

Ricardo Villalobos as reviewed by restless

March 13, 2005
edited over 6 years ago
Ricardo Villalobos is a shaman, already a legend, a one-in-a-generation inspiring leader.
When inspired/focused, his DJ skills are properly unbelievable (now thats what i call 'lost in the sound'!), with a 'messy/gypsy' attitude in the mix which is absolutely part of his chaotic power, and even allows him to get along with missing transitions or playing scratched records from time to time, a salutary lively instability in a supposedly-perfect, traktor or serato-laden DJ world.
His own productions are odysseys, his musical culture is extremely large (initially mostly linked to 'minimal', he actually has a passion for all things house and techno with a groove, covering the past 25 years of production with the same acuteness - not mentioning these crazy after-hours where the man digs deeper and drops traditional balkan or south american music, psychedelic rock or even opera), his knowledge and dedication to complex rhythms and textures, and the way they act on the human body ; plus his abilty to let himself go as far off (or even further) than his audience, make him a kind of sorcerer.
And he is also one of the most charismatic persons i've witnessed behind decks, with this trademark loose/androgyn attitude making him one of the funniest and most fascinating DJs to watch in action.
Pure class, great man. A Ron Hardy or Larry Levan for the 2k era (spiritually if not strictly musically).

Ricardo Villalobos as reviewed by u05wh2

December 5, 2004
edited over 14 years ago
Going by some of the comments here it seems that Villalobos might like a drink or two behind the decks and unfortunately this seems to have tainted some people's view of him.

I have seen him twice now and I have to say that he's probably the best DJ i've seen play. The way he can play with the crowd is phenomenal - he can cut the bass out for long periods of time without you noticing and then when the kick comes back in.....

Ricardo Villalobos as reviewed by SweetBaby

November 24, 2004
edited over 14 years ago
I just saw him last week at Womb in Tokyo with Richie Hawtin and was really looking forward to it. While his albums are interesting, I'm sorry to say Villalobos is hands down THE WORST DJ IVE EVER SEEN LIVE. He massively trainwrecked over 4 times and his tracks would blast in because he has no volume control. In fact, one time was so ridiculously bad that Richie Hawtin had to come over and push the fader to the next song!! Another time was so bad that he actually hit stop on the turntable, lifted the needle up and restarted the track... sad. His musical choice was mediocre and distorted because he couldnt control the volume levels.

For someone who gets paid thousands of dollars per gig, it was really startling to see what that money buys. Maybe he should be called "Superstar Dj Villalobos".

Ricardo Villalobos Willie.Miles.010

September 23, 2011
dont you think it would be abit strange thats he's been voted best DJ and like you said gets paid thousands if he pulled out that sort of performance every time? obviously having a bad night mate, happens to everyone

Ricardo Villalobos as reviewed by Westpfalz-Johnny

October 1, 2004
edited over 14 years ago
This is very sadly to say, but the older releases of Ricardo like 'Bosch', 'Say that you love me' or his remix of '2834' have much more groove like most ones of his current productions.