2 Tuff

Real Name:Toyin Agbetu

Profile: 2Tuff was another pseudonym for Toyin. With a strong interest in the more soulful side of hiphop, he released a few tracks performing not as a rapper but a "narrator".

The popular debut release "90% funk" featured rapper MCIB.

Toyin performed lead narrating duties on the following single "Jazz Thang" which instantly became a cult hit (featuring the vocals of Delores "Deluxe" Springer and Rick "See you along the way" Clarke).

The next single "Slow Down" gained massive popularity but also received unwanted legal attention due to its usage of a sample from Envogues "Hold On" and Family Stands "Ghetto Heaven". After legal complications were resolved 2 Tuff were signed to Warner's East / West label for the release.

Aliases:Andromeda, Attitude (3), Dark Knights, Master Tee, Nemesis (12), Shades Of Black, The Beatcreator, The Rebel (3), The Witchdoctor, Toyin Agbetu
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