Maanalainen Pelastusarmeija

M.A.P. lived the real rock'n'roll lifestyle... lived fast and died young. That's what it was, no more no less. M.A.P. was a band that shared a drummer with Terveet Kädet. The drummer's name was Walde. He was also in Kuolema, which was (and is again) one of those really crazy and fast as fuck hardnoisecore bands that northern Finland produced.

On their only 7" M.A.P. covered "Police Story" by Partisans. They just changed the lyrics and sang in Finnish and maybe sped up things a bit. It may be quite a scary moment when you hear that cover song for the first time. In the end they sing "Sieg Heil" over and over again. The song is called "Kaasua" ("Gas") and it tells a story about the Holocaust. Some of the other songs are also provocative. They sing about causing riots and burning cities. Their music sounds like a good soundtrack to any riot or revolution. Fast hardcore punk and maniac shouted vocals on top of it. If you understand Finnish, you can even understand all the lyrics, so they make sure people can scream their lyrics when revolution is coming!

The end of the band came before the revolution. Walde died tragically in 1984, when he fell from a balcony... you can be sure that it was a big drunken party in the traditional Finnish way. People got accused and all kinds of shit happened... So if you ever find yourself in a party among punks in Finland, you have to be ready to die. Call your mom/girlfriend/boyfriend/anybody before the party, if you have some last words for them... just in case, you know...

Singles & EPs

MPEP1 Maanalainen Pelastusarmeija - Kaasua album art M.A.P.* Kaasua (EP) Anus Records (2) MPEP1 Finland 1982 Sell This Version