Sky Saxon

Real Name:Richard Elvern Marsh

American rock singer aka Sky Sunlight Saxon, born on 20 August 1937 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA and died on 25 June 2009 in Austin, Texas, USA. Saxon is mainly known as leader and singer of garage rock band The Seeds. He began his career as a doo-wop influenced singer under the name Little Ritchie Marsh in the early 1960s. After changing his name to Sky Saxon, he started Sky Saxon & The Soul Rockers (1962) and Sky Saxon & The Electra-Fires (1964) before finally starting The Seeds in 1965. After the band's third and last album in 1969, he joined the Source Family commune with whom he recorded several albums as the Ya Ho Wha 13 in the 1973-1974 period. Sky Saxon reformed The Seeds in 1989 and 2003, but the former members soon left the band after the second reformation. Fun fact: in 2008, Saxon collaborated with Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins. He also appeared in that band's Superchrist music video. , Wikipedia
Aliases:Arelich, Marcus Tybalt, Richard Marsh (2), Sky Sunlight
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