Real Name:
Eric Quach, Mathieu Grisé, Shaun Doré
Destroyalldreamers is a Canadian post-rock band formed in 2003, based in Montreal, Quebec. They use vast arrays of effects pedals to create their sound, similar to many early 90s shoegaze bands. They have been called post-shoegazers for their mix of both styles, borrowing equally from Mogwai and Slowdive.

The band is currently signed to the Canadian indie label Where Are My Records on which they released their first full-length album, À Coeur Léger Sommeil Sanglant (”Light Heart Bloody Sleep”) in 2004. The current lineup consists of Eric Quach (guitar), Mathieu Grisé (guitar) and Shaun Doré (drums). Michèle Martin (bass) left the band in late 2006.

Destroyalldreamers are named after an inscription written on A Silver Mt. Zion’s first album. The quote, scribbled on the disc itself, is “destroy all dreamers w/ debt and depression”.