Horse Lords


Horse Lords is the quartet of Andrew Bernstein (saxophone/percussion), Max Eilbacher (bass/electronics), Owen Gardner (guitar), and Sam Haberman (drums) from Baltimore, Maryland. The band plays experimental music with elements of krautrock, post-punk, Appalachian and African musical traditions, polyrhythmia, arcane tunings and modular synthesis. The band uses the just intonation tuning system favored by avantgarde composers La Monte Young and James Tenney, so the musicians are playing hand-modified guitars with repositioned frets, re-tuned and customized by Gardner.

Their debut album in 2012 was praised by critics and the audience, and in the following two years Horse Lords gained some recognition on the American DIY scene, touring with Matmos, Guerilla Toss, and Guardian Alien, and playing festivals such as Hopscotch, NXNE, and Fields Fest. The second LP of the band was released by NNA Tapes in 2014.

Sites:Bandcamp , Soundcloud , Tumblr , Facebook ,
Members:Andrew Bernstein (2), Max Eilbacher, Owen Gardner, Sam Haberman




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