Edgar Hayes

Real Name:
Edgar Junius Hayes
Edgar Hayes (born May 23, 1904, Lexington, Kentucky, USA – died June 28, 1979, San Bernardino, California, USA) was an American jazz pianist and bandleader. Studied music at Fisk University and Wilberforce University (where he graduated in 1922). Toured with Fess Williams in 1919 and 1922 before leading his own groups from 1924-1926. He was the pianist and principal arranger for The Mills Blue Rhythm Band under Baron Lee and Lucky Millinder from 1931-1936. From 1937-1941 he led his own orchestra, who had the hit "Star Dust" (arranged by Hayes). Afterwards he moved to Riverside, California where he headed his own quartet throughout the 1940's and then played mostly solo into the 1970's.
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