The Carter Family


American traditional folk music group, formed in 1927. Their music was hugely influential for bluegrass, country, folk, and rock musicians. The original group split up when A.P. Carter and Sara Carter left in 1944, but Maybelle Carter and her daughters continued performing as The Carter Sisters. In the 1960's, The Carter Sisters reclaimed the name The Carter Family.

Membership (as The Carter Family, 1927-1944, ~1960 to 1996; as The Carter Sisters, 1944-~1960):
A.P. Carter – 1927-1944
Maybelle Carter – 1927-1978
Sara Carter – 1927-1944
Janette Carter – 1939-1940
Joe Carter – 1939-1940
Helen Carter – 1939-1940, 1944-1996
June Carter – 1939-1940, 1944-1969, 1971-1996
Anita Carter – 1939-1940, 1944-1996
Robbie Harden – 1969-1971

When writing credits appear as "Carter" only, be aware that some are shared by the family ("East Virginia Blues", "Lonesome Me", "Storms Are In The Ocean", "Wildwoof Flower", "Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?", "Glory To The Lamb", etc.) while some are owned by A. P. Carter only ("I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes", "Jimmie Brown, The Newsboy", "Wabash Cannon Ball", etc.). , ,
Aliases:The Carter Sisters
Members:A. P. Carter, Anita Carter, Helen Carter (2), Janette Carter, Joe Carter (3), June Carter, June Carter Cash, Maybelle Carter, Sara Carter (2)
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