Frankie Lymon

Real Name:Franklin Joseph Lymon

"Frankie" Lymon (September 30, 1942 Harlem, New York – February 27, 1968) was an American Rock and Roll / Rhythm & Blues singer and songwriter.

He was best known as the boy soprano lead singer of the New York City-based early rock and roll group, Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers. After Lymon went solo in mid-1957, both his career and those of the Teenagers fell into decline. At age 25, he was found dead in his grandmother's bathroom from a heroin overdose. Lymon is buried in New York at the St. Raymond's Cemetery/ Bronx. He has a second tombstone, which was payed through benefit concerts organise by the United in Group Harmony Association, represented by Ronnie Italiano. Due legal rights the tombstone on his grave ist placed by his widow Emira Lymon-Eagle. So the tombstone by the UGHA is now displayed at the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Hall of Fame. His life inspired the 1998 film, Why Do Fools Fall In Love?.

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