UFO Or Die

UFO or Die (also known as Ultra Freak Out Or Die) is a side project of two Boredoms members Yamatsuka Eye (vocals, sounds) and Yoshimmy P-We (drums). The bassist player in the band changed a few times, with Yoshikawa eventually replaced by Naoto Hayashi. Eye started the band so he could play on guitar, but later he gave it up for a sampler. UFO or Die released their first single U.O.D. in 1992, followed by the 7-inch on Skin Graft two years later. In the same period, the group recorded material for their debut album Cassettetape Superstar, released on CD and LP in 1996. While never officially disbanded, UFO or Die has been on a long hiatus since the middle of the 90s.


UFO Or Die - Cassettetape Superstar album art UFO Or Die Cassettetape Superstar (Album) Time Bomb Records (2), Public Bath Japan 1996 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

UFO Or Die - UOD album art UFO Or Die UOD (EP) Bron Records Japan 1992 Sell This Version
UFO Or Die - Shock Shoppers album art UFO Or Die Shock Shoppers (Single) Skin Graft Records US 1994 Sell This Version


?005 UFO Or Die - UFO or Diamond album art UFO Or Die UFO or Diamond(Cass, C16) ? Ltd. ?005 Japan 1991 Sell This Version


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September 11, 2013
superior. possibly best song titles ever. incredibly tactile approach almost as if music was textiles or braille, crispy, rough, abrasive, liquid, coarse, knotty, hairy, sticky, tacky, pungent, cracked, splintered, plastic, plastique, explosiv, associativ, versatile, focused, loyal, ununiform, nebulous, punctual, rude, abrupt, abreviated, outrageous, organic, august, generous, slimy, ocular, disoreinted, disoccidented, anti-dentistry, thesaurus-proof, surprising, consistency, confucian, confusing, simple, sordid, variety, ribald, raunchy, rarified, disarray, array, deranged, moxy.

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