Original Dixieland Jazz Band


Jazz band consisting of five New Orleans musicians, founded in Chicago in 1916. On February 26, 1917 they recorded the first jazz record ever for the Victor Talking Machine Company, which was released in May, 1917. Soon after their first release, the Original Dixieland Jass Band changed their name to Original Dixieland Jazz Band. In 1918 they came to be the very first ever jazz band to perform in Europe. Band remained active till 1925.
The five original members of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band were:
Nick LaRocca (cornet and director)
Eddie Edwards (trombone)
Larry Shields (clarinet)
Henry Ragas (piano)
Tony Sbarbaro (drums)

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Aliases:L'Orchestre Jazz-Band Du Gramophone
Members:Arthur Seaberg, Billy Jones (11), Bob Casey, Bobby Hackett, Bret Gowens, Don Parker, Eddie Condon, Eddie Edwards, Emile Christian, Frank Signorelli, Gene Schroeder, Henry Ragas, Henry Vaniselli, J. Russel Robinson, Jack Lesberg, Larry Shields, Max Kaminsky, Nick LaRocca, Teddy Roy, Tony Sbarbaro




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