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No Agony

Back in the 80/s and to be more exactly in late 1985 (oct/nov) the Hc/punk band Kollaps (Collapse) were playing together and the band consisted of two young punks then. And thru out that, the band started to play and experiment with some Oi! inspired music beside of the main punk band. One track that was done in nov/dec 1985 were "We Are The Survivors" and reminded much more of old skinhead/Oi! sound than the rest did. The idea of starting up a side project called No Agony was then born. But not until early 1986 the band No Agony started to do real rehearsals for serious, but the more they did, the more the band felt it was funnier and much more worth to work with No Agony as the band also started to leave the typical punk scene. The same year they also became skinheads for real. From the very first step No Agony was a whole apolitical band and just played and singed about women, beer, skinhead life, unjustice and that things. The band was also very influenced by bands like old Herbards, Last Resort, 4-Skins, Combat 84, Anti-Social, Attak and Ejected to mention some. In late 1986 the band started to get more and more political in lyrics and also the musical influences were more from bands from the new genre of skinhead/Oi! sound that came back then. Bands like Arresting Officers, Skrewdriver, Skullhead, Brutal Combat, Snix, Evil Skins, Peggior Amico, Vit Aggression, Dirlewanger were some of the bands. From 1987 the band called themselves a true nationalist band. From the beginning till early 1987 they already had made about three demos and also appeared on a punk/Oi! compilation tape and also had made a split tape together with a Herbert band called Autobahn. The first real gig the band did was together with a famous Swedish punk band called Strebers in 1987. And the crowd was maybe not that pleased that some may think. As the band already back then had songs that was very nationalistic and radical. In December same year No Agony went into studio SGV and recorded four tracks (2 in Swedish and 2 in English) in less of just about very few hours. The band had a session bass player for the ep that was in fact for a good help for the band during all years to come. The ep was later released around spring the year after in 500 copies on vinyl and was sold pretty good. Around 200 copies were headed to England and Germany same year, but unfortunately the guy that fixed it ripped the band off. So no money or else came in so that was a bit of a tragedy for the band. Anyway the band continued and did in the summer of 1988 two more gigs. One of the gigs were on the national day in Sweden 6-6-1988 together with bands like Indecent Exposure, Agent Bulldog, Dirlewanger and Vit Aggression. That was a historical gig for the band. Later in summer the band also did a very unlike hated gig at a outdoor bathing place with some hundreds bathing guests and bad rumours started circulate about No Agony as they were a sort of a nazi plague and every where the played on, it came busses full with hooligans. But this is not the real truth. Same year the band was promised to play at a gig in their hometown, but sadly it got cancelled just because of those false rumours. Later that night people there were out for hunting all skinheads. All those things were not stopping the bands activity. The struggle continued. In the year of 1989 No Agony did more rehearsals and demos as the year before and did some few gigs and one of them were in Uppsala that was maybe not their best to date. As their session player on bass was real bad. The year went on and new things came across like jobs and the drummer Bosse moved to Stockholm and the band played not that much as before. Same year the band also had to change their place for rehearsal cause of some problems. The band went into a bit of a sleeping period for a couple of months but in September they decided after being in touch with a famous French label to go into studio once again. In October they walked into the local recording studio and did 16 tracks in just 8 hours. This time the music was much more different since the ep "Vi hissar fanan" from 1988. The band was very pleased with the result. Later same year after sending the demo around to different labels and also had some plans to do some gig again, the band ended more than less around December 1989. Much cause of some false and bad rumours that totally separated both band members from each other for all future. In 1990 the guitar/vocalist of the band did some songs on a home studio in a way of continue the band on his own, but all ran out and the tracks never saw daylight. The continue or try to reunite No Agony was later born in autumn/winter 1993 when some new members along with the head man behind No Agony did a new demo with the same name No Agony, but a name change was done for the band in early 1994 after contract with a record label as the music and lyrics was not same as before. And No Agony was then buried and ended. Present days member play for Torsgard .

Tony - Guitars & Vocals
Bosse - Drums
Session Bass players: Nisse 1987- 1988
Ola (Skin) 1988
Jensa 1988 (One gig)


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No Agony Vi Hissar Fanan! Ep (EP) White Revolt Records Sweden 1988 Sell This Version


No Agony Boots And Braces (Comp) Swedish Oi Records Sweden 2010 Sell This Version
Swedish Oi Rec.CD001 No Agony Thru The Years Of Glory And Struggle 1986 - 1989(CD, Comp, Ltd) Swedish Oi Records Swedish Oi Rec.CD001 Germany 2010 Sell This Version

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