David Neuer

David Neuer

Real Name:
David Neuer
1971 - 2007 (suicide).

David Neuer's musical spectrum covers acoustic ballads, avant-blues twangin', psychedelic musique noir and undefinable semi-melodic no-fi weirdness.

Neuer made eccentric cassette tape recordings since 1984. Later, he spent some time with a more crisp/clear/hi-fi sounding MiniDisc recorder as his alias, I.C. Cassiel.

Other collaborations Neuer was involved in included West Cower Funtry and Los Flying Falafflers, and the more "serious" projects, Defenders of the 49th Parallel and Not Supposed To Drink It. In the early 1990s, Neuer played drums in a couple of bands with (Tender Prey's) Kenneth Larsen.

As a poet, Neuer displayed his talents in the form of four Danish-language books, and participated on both of the BSBTA Talkathon Series releases with some poetry readings - with and without musical accompaniment.


David Neuer Discography Tracks


BSBTA#015 David Neuer Someone's Gotta Be Good (Small Office Building 1989-1990)(CDr) Bloated Sasquatch Beer Theatre Audio BSBTA#015 Denmark 2001 Sell This Version