Dr. Phibes

Real Name:
Bruno Sanchioni
Bruno Sanchioni

Originally Italian Adriatic coast can be considered as the precursor Sanchioni Bruno Franco-Belgian musical generation of Techno House Dance International-floors.

In 1986, when the hinge between New Wave and New Beat and a year marked by the encounter with Roger Samyn, producer and publisher of the DIKI RECORDS label, he created his own style and wins with his album "Acid Story" aka Dr. PHIBES. It was a bestseller.

DJ in a few clubs in the North and Belgium, Bruno finally decided to focus on his technique as an assistant, and soon it will pass as an engineer.
His passion for the synthesizer, his training as a sound engineer, this sense of rhythmic and technical developments had only after the success.

With Roger Samyn, himself a former DJ and record store, record producer and publisher of DIKI RECORDS (Disco King) to discover the latest trends played in clubs this collaboration took shape with size.

Another vinyl single "Noise Gate" marked success in Belgium and internationally immediately, it must be remembered that in 1988 the AB style, house music and techno had not yet crossed the borders except the French north.

With the creation of the pseudonym Dr. Phibes and group BAZZ some success with "Acid Story", "Vachillia," "Brainwave" pioneers of the new Techno trend would finally win the territory.

Some titles have sold several hundred thousand copies, this was especially the case for "AGE OF LOVE" remixed in 1991 by the German duo JAM & SPOON. It was after this success that the third element in the name of Emmanuel TOP joins the studio. Other titles marked their notoriety with the first "PLEXUS".

It was in 1994 that Bruno left the label DIKI RECORDS. Following his retirement, he devotes his time in 1996 for a new collaboration with Bruno and Emmanuel TOP AREA, BBE group was born ... This is the immediate success with the release of "Seven Days and One Week", a hundred thousand copies, this is the course of two and a half million albums sold worldwide to the point of finding group ranked first Italo-French International Box Office next to DAFT PUNK. The title was negotiated by multiple licenses labels and majors such as Positiva, Virgin, Independance Records, Universal ... To name a few ...

Today Bruno continues his passion for music as a freelance composer and preparing some new albums to eclectic music (Pop, Electro, Trance, Lounge, Experimental, Ambient, R'n'B ...) that a wider audience will pleasure to discover again very soon during his live performances.

Chronic Xavier Leman.
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Singles & EPs

Diki 8802-12, DIKI 8802-12 Dr. Phibes - "Vachillia" ...6? album art Dr. Phibes "Vachillia" ...6? DiKi Records Diki 8802-12, DIKI 8802-12 Belgium 1988 Sell This Version
DIKI 8804 Dr. Phibes - Acid Story album art Dr. Phibes Acid Story (Single) DiKi Records DIKI 8804 Belgium 1988 Sell This Version
DIKI 46.45.07 Dr. Phibes - Baby Phibes album art Dr. Phibes Baby Phibes DiKi Records, DiKi Records DIKI 46.45.07 Belgium 1989 Sell This Version
DIKI 471214 Dr. Phibes - The Story Two album art Dr. Phibes The Story Two DiKi Records DIKI 471214 Belgium 1990 Sell This Version
DIKI 47.12.11, DIKI 471211 Dr. Phibes - 1990 Is Our Space album art Dr. Phibes & Gregg* Dr. Phibes & Gregg* - 1990 Is Our Space(12") DiKi Records, DiKi Records DIKI 47.12.11, DIKI 471211 Belgium 1990 Sell This Version
DIKI 48.12.21 Dr. Phibes - Waresnare album art Dr. Phibes And Teddy Jones Dr. Phibes And Teddy Jones - Waresnare(12") DiKi Records DIKI 48.12.21 Belgium 1991 Sell This Version
DIKI 55.12.97 Dr. Phibes - Acid Story Remixes (1998 Versions) album art Dr. Phibes Acid Story Remixes (1998 Versions) (Single, Maxi) DiKi Records DIKI 55.12.97 Belgium 1998 Sell This Version