Gregory Allan Fitzpatrick

Real Name:
Gregory Allan FitzPatrick
Born 1945 in USA. Fitzpatrick arrived to Finland in 1966 as a tourist but ended up spending a year there making music. In 1967 he moved to Sweden and joined a band called The Quints who became Atlantic Ocean (3) in 1968. They released one album and split up in 1970.

After Atlantic Ocean Fitzpatrick founded Handgjort, a band who played Indian music. After that he composed the RIO meets classical rock opus "Snorungarnas Symfoni" which he performed together with Samla Mammas Manna. He also issued a solo album in a similar vein called "Bildcirkus". In the 1980s he produced synth-pop band Adolphson-Falk and made music for commercials.

Fitzpatrick used stage names Göran Ahlin, Marcus Brandelius and Sverker Ali Khan in Sweden because he didn't have the country's permission to live there.
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