Kevin Gray


US mastering and cutting engineer.

Started his career 1972 at Artisan Sound Recorders and worked there until 1977.
Co-founder of Cohearent Audio in 1977.
Opened The Cutting System, Inc. in 1979.
1982 to 1984 heading the mastering department of MCA at MCA Whitney Recording Studios.
1984 to 1989 worked at Location Recording Service, Burbank.
In 1989, he helped Location Recording Service venture into CD mastering.
1995 to 2001 - Future Disc
1997 to 2001 - AcousTech Mastering [part time]
2001 to 2010 - AcousTech Mastering [full time]
2010 to present - Cohearent Audio [owner + mastering]

Kevin's runout signature is KPG + mastering house (LRS, TCS, FDS, ATM, MCA, CA). Says Kevin Gray: "I only used KPG, with the PG of KPG mooshed into something that looks like an M." Please don't add the @ XXX part as ANV, as it refers to the studio, not the engineer. , , Wikipedia
Aliases:Dr. Groove (4)
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