Sykotik Sinfoney

Sykotik Sinfoney was a quirky American comedy heavy metal / punk rock musical group. They formed in 1988 under the short-lived name, Dycondra's. During this time they dressed in their usual street clothes but hired a variety of performers like jugglers and female dancers to perform with them on stage. They quickly changed their band name and dropped the extra performers who proved to be unreliable on the road. The first instance of these costumes was a show in which the performers did not show up. However, the group found a bag of costumes and promptly donned them. They became known as Sykotik Sinfoney and began to perform live wearing a variety of strange costumes, such as a nun, a devil, and a clown. Sometime in early 1994, the band broke up. Their only official appearance on an album was the Bad Channels soundtrack. However, the band did over 300 shows in six years under Dycondra's and Sykotik Sinfoney, according to band member Mark Meister. Today, this band is seen as being way ahead of their time.

Various members of Dycondra's / Sykotik Sinfoney

Bass Guitar: Tim Young
Drums: Darryl Johnson
Drums: Rudy Malizio
Lead Guitar: Brian Young
Lead Vocals, Keyboard : Stan Gonzales
Rhythm and Lead Guitar: John Brackett
Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Vocals: Mark Meister


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