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Martijn van Lanen
DTF (12-01-1971/Capricorn), born Martijn van Lanen, started breakin' around 1984 on the cardboards from the Aldi Supermarket around the corner (Uden/Holland) together with Are MC who lived in the same street. Soon we started a breakdance group called The Headlines with R, me and my lil brother Dokus. In '86 MC Rox (Are MC) picked up the mic and I started DJ-ing on an old Technics. The name DTF was born (DJ Trouble Fox). As we progressed, so did my name, Devastating Tornado Fingers. As Rox Fox we started writing songs and throwing parties in the garage.

As things got more serious the name changed into The Rhyme Federation. Trough a mutual friend (Juice) we hooked up (1988) with another rap-group from our oh so big town called The Terminating Poets which consist of KidCaine (MC) and Oh Jay (DJ/Producer), after hearing Oh Jay spin the wheel I decided to give up the DJ-ing. I started writing rhymes... And gave a whole new meaning to the name DTF, Definitely The Freshest. We came out as one crew called Dope Posse together with our dancers Al Jazz (r.i.p.) and Sonlite and a crew of friends who all did theirs. We rocked stages across Holland and soon we where picked up by Djax Records to make our debut album Mind over matter (1990). On that album I wrote some rhymes for Are MC and did 2 joints on it. The song DTF the Manipulator (listen @ music) draw the attention of Miss Djax and she decided that it was time for a solo album. So me and Oh Jay did From a smooth point of view... on Djax Records in 1991.

The years went on as we smashed stages across Europe and made new material. As professional name changers we got back in the studio in 1995 as The Family Jewels and recorded a 17-track album with the same name on Endorphin Records. We did a lot of shows and made appearances on national television and recorded a single called To the party people (1996) that featured the multi-musician, singer U-Gene.

In the following years Oh Jay's Dope Lab was situated in my house, and a lot of obscure material was produced during these few years (also see music), together with fellow die-hards Are MC, Pockets, I.N.T., Rachi, Shine & the rest of the Deadly Maniacs and with U-Gene. The foundation for a new collective was established here, U-Gene & Oh Jay. The combination of Hip Hop, Funk and Soul. The crew alongside U-Gene (vocals and keys) & Oh Jay (beats and scratches) was a bass player (we had a few), Miss Monique Bakker (on vocals) and Are MC and me (on rhyme). Soon this became a success as we found ourselves at the North Sea Jazz Festival, Lowlands, Crossing Border, Drum Rhythm, Twee meter Sessies, and so on. In 2001 the album UJ came out on which R and I did a track. We kept rockin' stages across Europe and did the opening act for Anouk's Tournedos Tour.

Meanwhile I finished the Graphics school in Eindhoven (1990) and started working in the advertising sector where I learned graphic design and web design. I got involved in the Dutch Hip Hop magazine Art.12 that I run together with AQ for a few years (off- and online). I also did the artwork for a lot of record sleeves for our local heroes and other fine stuff. Now a days I still do that, and rap, and still call it my Fat Shit Productions...
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DTF From A Smooth Point Of View (Album) Djax Records Netherlands 1991 Sell This Version

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