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UK group formed in September 1993 through a music technology workshop group for Asian youth. Tracks typically feature politically/culturally conscious rap, traditional Asian instruments, breakbeats and samples. Line-up (from their debut LP Facts And Fictions) - Master D (rap), Pandit G (turntables), Sun-J (live sequencing), Chandrasonic (programming/guitar/voice) Brian Fairbairn (drums) and Dr Das (programming/bass/voice).

Steve Chandra Savale (aka Chandrasonic)
Aktar Ahmed (aka Aktarv8r)
Dr. Das
Ghetto Priest
Nathan "Flutebox" Lee
Brian Fairbairn

Past members:
Deeder Zaman (aka Master D)
Prithpal Rajput (aka Cyber)
Martin Savale
Al Rumjen
Sanjay Gulabbhai Tailor (aka Sun-J)
John Pandit (aka Pandit G)
Lord Kimo
MC Spex
Rocky Singh , MySpace , Wikipedia , Bandcamp , Bandcamp
Aliases:ADF Sound System
Members:Afjal Miah, Aktar Ahmed, Al Rumjen, Aniruddha Das, Brian Fairbairn, Deeder Zaman, John Ashok Pandit, Martin Savale, MC Lord Kimo, Nathan Lee, Prithpal Rajput, Rocky Singh, Sanjay Tailor, Stephen Townsend, Steve Chandra Savale
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