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David Bryon Cole & Robert Manuel Clivillés
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Robert Clivilles & David Cole, C & C, C + C, C + C produce W.O.R.L.D. BeaT MaDness!, C&C, C+C, Civilles & Cole, Civillés And Cole, Clivelles & Cole, Cliviles & Cole, Cliviles & Cole, Cliville & Cole, Cliville's & Cole, Clivilles / Cole, Clivilles & Cole, Clivilles & Cole D.J., Clivilles & Coles, Clivillés + Cole, Clivilles And Cole, Clivilles, Cole, Clivilles/ Cole, Clivilles/Cole, Clivilless & Cole, Cole, Cole / Clivillés, Cole & Clivillés, Cole/ Clivillés, Cole/Cilvilles, Cole/Clivilles, D Cole/R Clivilles, D. Cole - R Clivillés, D. Cole - R. Clivillés, D. Cole / R. Clivilles, D. Cole & R. Clivillés, D. Cole- R. Clivillés, D. Cole-R. Clivilles, D. Cole-R.Clivillés, D. Cole, R. Clivillés, D. Cole/R. Clivilles, D.B. Cole, R.M. Clivilles, D.B.Cole, R.M.Clivilles, David Byron Cole & Robert Manuel Clivilles, David Col, Robert Clivillés, David Cole - Robert Clivillés, David Cole , Robert Clivillés, David Cole / Robert Clivillés, David Cole & Robert Civilles, David Cole & Robert Clivilles, David Cole and Robert Civilles, David Cole And Robert Clivilles, David Cole And Robert Vicilles, David Cole Robert Clivillés, David Cole, Robert Civillés, David Cole, Robert Clivillés, David Cole/Robert Clivilles, R. Civilles-D.Cole, R. Clivilles - D. Cole, R. Clivilles / D. Cole, R. Clivillés & D. Cole, R. Clivillés And D. Cole, R. Clivillés-D. Cole, R. Clivillés-D.Cole, R. Clivilles, D. Cole, R. Clivilles/D. Cole, R. Clivilles/D.Cole, R. Clivlles / Cole, R.Civilles-D.Cole, R.Clivillés/D.Cole, R.M.Clivilles/D.B.Cole, RobClivillés & Coleert Clivilles And David Cole, Robert Civillés & David Cole, Robert Civilles and David Cole, Robert Clivillés / David Cole, Robert Clivilles & Dave Cole, Robert Clivillés & David Cole, Robert Clivillés And David Cole, Robert Clivilles and David Cole (2 Puerto Ricans), Robert Clivillés And David Coles, Robert Clivillés- David Cole, Robert Clivillés-David Cole, Robert Clivillés, David Byron Cole, Robert Clivillés, David Cole, Robert Clivilles/David Cole, Robert Manuel Clivilles & David Byron Cole, Robert Manuel Clivilles, David Bryon Cole, Robert Manuel Clivilles/David Byron Cole, The Civilles & Cole, The Clivilles & Cole

Clivillés & Cole Discography


C + C* Produce W.O.R.L.D. Beat Madness! C + C* Produce W.O.R.L.D. Beat Madness! - Music Madness Volume One (Album) Columbia Japan 1995 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

Clivillés & Cole A Deeper Love (Single, Maxi) Columbia US 1991 Sell This Version
Clivillés & Cole Pride (Single, Maxi) Columbia Europe 1991 Sell This Version
987564 XY Dana Dawson / Clivillés & Cole Dana Dawson / Clivillés & Cole - 3 Is Family / A Deeper Love(12") Classics Disco Beat 987564 XY Italy 1998 Sell This Version
4296 Clivillés & Cole Greatest Remixes Vol1 DJ Bonus Pack(12", S/Edition) Columbia 4296 Canada Unknown Sell This Version


Clivillés & Cole Greatest Remixes Vol. 1 (DJ Bonus Pack) (Comp) Columbia, Columbia, Columbia, Columbia, Columbia, Columbia US 1992 Sell This Version
Clivillés + Cole* Greatest Remixes Vol. 1 (Comp) Columbia Canada 1992 Sell This Version

DJ Mixes

Clivilles And Cole* The Sessions Volume 3 (Comp) Ministry Of Sound, PWL International UK 1994 Sell This Version


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May 8, 2009
Clivilles and Cole were one of the finest dance music production teams ever, period. If you are at all interested in, or involved in dance music production from a House or Hip-Hop perspective, track down their releases and listen. The classic well known C & C Music Factory "Gonna Make You Sweat" is a master class in how to produce a track. It is a really well mixed and arranged record, and full of energy and hooky to boot. A shining example of how to make a record really well.

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