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British dance act from Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. Since 1988, they have produced a range of styles, including: hip-hop, rap, house, beats and breaks, and bleep.

In 1990, they broke the UK national top 30 (reaching no.29 on 14th April) with their hip-hop release 'Musical Melody', and enjoyed 4 top 5 club chart hits, and 2 club no.1s. Subsequently, their track 'The Theme' was included on both The Chemical Brothers' album of tracks that inspired them to make music, 'Brothers Gonna Work It Out', and on Warp Records' collection of early-house tracks that inspired them to set-up their label, called 'Warp 10+1 Influences'.

Sites:Bandcamp , Facebook
Aliases:Adrian Collins, Edzy
Members:Adrian Collins (2), Delroy Brown, Ian Park, Lee Johnson (5), Patrick Cargill (2)
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