Herwig Mitteregger

Real Name:Herwig Rudolf Mitteregger

Austrian drummer, guitarist, vocalist, composer & producer.
Born 6. September 1953 in Mautern, Steiermark, Austria.

Mitteregger meanwhile lives in Hamburg, Germany. Originally he was mainly known for being a member of the German rock band Spliff. This band was formed after two albums recorded with young Nina Hagen as key vocalist. Spliff was founded after disbanding the Nina Hagen Band with Bernhard Potschka (Guitar), Manfred Praeker (Bass), Reinhold Heil (Keyboards) and additional vocalist Alf Klimax and introduced themselves with the Rock parody 'Spliff Radio Show'. The band split up after four records when the 'New German Movement' ("Neue Deutsche Welle") was at its tipping point.

Mitteregger subsequently released another five solo albums until he moved to Spain and became a father. In 2008 he returned to Germany and released Insolito and two more albums. , Wikipedia ,
In Groups:Band Für Afrika, Lokomotive Kreuzberg, Nina Hagen Band, Spliff, Waahnsinn Allstars (3), Wolf Maahn & Unterstützung
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