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SPLAT! 002 Olympic Smiles - Something's Pushing Me album art Olympic Smiles Something's Pushing Me(7", Single) Slipped Discs (3) SPLAT! 002 UK 1984 Sell This Version


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January 15, 2013
Whilst surfing the internet I by chance saw that there is something of an interest from loyal fans (& collectors) as to what happened to Olypmpic Smiles who just seemed to disappear after a promising start with very little accessible recordings in the public sphere. I am Terence Pearce who may have appeared as 'Terence Wilde' in Olympic Smiles as I sometimes used that stage name. I was the lyricist, co-writer & bass player in the Smiles. I am the tall guy standing on the right of the single's cover (Something's Pushing Me). What happened was that we changed some personnel & evolved into a band called High Frontier. We had a deal w/ Metronome (part of Polygram) of Germany after having released "Something's Pushing Me"under which we made a single "You Were Made in Heaven" which appeared I remember on a sampler w/ Elton John & others. There was supposed to be an EP from them to but I don't know if it was ever released. Then, when we had a pretty good agent & gigs set in Los Angeles & we looked set to take off the singer Paul Roberts left to become the singer for the Stranglers & the remainder of the band, instead of getting a new singer, got cold feet & one by one followed suit. So I auditioned a singer, Darryl Read of the Hearts of Darkness &, even though we didn't have a band went anyway. In LA we picked up musicians from around town and started to record "The Book of the Dead" album under the name The Hearts of Darkness. The album was eventually released as by "Darryl Reade & The Hearts of Darkness" because Darryl did a major prima donna & refused to continue unless his name came first, even though it was Justin & I that made the whole thing happen. I guess we shouldn't have gone along with it but we did. Ray Manzarek of The Doors took an interest in us & dropped into the studio sometimes. He played keyboard for us at one of the very few gigs we played there (at the Variety Arts Center). Darryl eventually deserted myself & Justin Marquis (our young manager) once the money was gone; he said I should come to Germany with him but I wasn't just going to dump Justin after he had done so much to raise the money for the album etc.. Justin & I instead formed The Veil under which name we recorded two albums which had very limited release & I guess are almost unknown, "Love Into Babylon" & "Hypnotized". I played lead/rhythm guitar (& bass on the records) & Justin on vocals & acoustic guitar. The Finnish producer Taavi Mote co-produced "Love Into Babylon" with us. These are probably the best things that I've ever done but the music of the Smiles was great, especially as we had two albums recorded which were never released. I don't know where those tapes are now but either Paul Roberts or Stuart Cluny (singer & guitarist of the Smiles respectively) may know. I would love it if the Smiles loyal fans, who never got to hear that stuff, but followed & remembered us all these years, could get to hear it. I'd like to hear it myself. Anyway, as I say, I didn't realize the mystery the people who liked us were posed by our disintegration and I just thought I owed them some kind of explanation. It was so great to have those loyal people at our gigs I remember, it helped me to play even though, unless the on-stage foldback was perfect, I was not the most happy performer. I just remembered actually that we did a BBC session also that I never heard and may be still existing and I think there was some recording of the Stonehenge live festival somewhere in the 80s too. Bye for now. If anyone has any queries then notify me by replying to the post & I'll do my best to clear them up. Rock on!

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