Tricky as reviewed by Yage_2097

May 5, 2004
edited over 8 years ago
Tricky makes the more Hip-Hop orientated Trip-Hop with more excursions into darkness and paranoia than Massive Attack (except: Mezzanine).His debut "Maxinquaye" is a masterpiece!

Tricky as reviewed by mudslut23

July 30, 2003
A personal favorite...to me, Tricky can do no wrong. His tracks with Massive Attack were great, but his own are fantastic. He truly doesn't care what is in vogue or topping the charts right now. His music can be avant garde, abrasive, hip hop, pop, or rock. And sometimes all in one song. PURE GENIUS!!! Check out his b-sides on all his singles and "Pre-Millenium Tension" for proof.