Yuji Ohno

Real Name:大野雄二 (Ōno Yūji)

Born: (May 30, 1941 Atami Shizuoka, Japan) Japanese jazz pianist, composer and arranger.

After working exclusively for Nippon Television Music Corporation and working as a freelancer, he worked exclusively for Vap Inc.

He is most famous as the composer of the Lupin The 3rd anime series.
Works at the head of several jazz band, like Lupin The 3rd musical ensemble as: You & The Explosion Band, Yuji Ohno Trio, Yuji Ohno & Friends, Yuji Ohno & Lupintic Five and Yuji Ohno & Lupintic Six.

After Takeo Yamashita death in 2005 he taking his whole Lupin The 3rd works.
He says in Tokyo report that he will compose Lupin The 3rd music after he died. , , Wikipedia
Aliases:Peter Stone (13), ポール犬野
In Groups:Electro Keyboard Orchestra, Hiroshi Suzuki Masahiko Togashi Quintet, Jiro Inagaki & Just Friends, Ohno Yuji And His Orchestra, Terumasa Hino Quartet, You & The Explosion Band, Yuji Ohno & Friends, Yuji Ohno & Galaxy, Yuji Ohno & His Project, Yuji Ohno & Lupintic Five, Yuji Ohno & Lupintic Six, Yuji Ohno And King Kong Hunters, Yuji Ohno Trio, 大野雄二 With オーヴァー・フォーティーズ, 大野雄二とファンタスティック・ブルー
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