Tina Dickow

Real Name:Tina Dickow

Danish singer-songwriter, internationally known as Tina Dico.

Born 14 October 1977 in Aabyhøj in the suburbs of Aarhus, she studied religious science at Aarhus University, then music at Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium before turning to a professional career as musician. In 1998 she was part of the group Fester Kester that won two talent-contests that year with songs written by her.

Later in 1998 she released debut single Your Waste Of Time/My Mirror. In 2000 she started her own record label, Finest Gramophone. The first release was her 2001 album Fuel where she was backed by the band Sheriff (12).

In 2002 Dickow moved to England and through her contract with Jonathan Morley got to do a collaboration with Holly Valance on the song "Send My Best" and here met Sam Hardaker of Zero 7. Zero 7 asked her to collaborate with them and they recorded "Home" and "The Space Between" which are featured on the album When It Falls.

Her second album Notes was written during her stay in England and in 2004 she released the EP Far with new versions of tracks from Notes and Fuel, coupled with one new song. In June 2005 Dickow released her third album In The Red that earned her a commercial breakthrough in Denmark and the title "vocalist of the year" at the Danish Music Awards that year.

Her next album Count To Ten from 2007 entered the Danish albums charts as number 1 and stayed on the charts for 70 weeks. It established Dickow as one of the major acts on the musical scene in Denmark, a position she maintained with the next two albums A Beginning, A Detour, An Open Ending (2008) and The Road To Gävle (2009).

In 2008 Dickow moved out of London and back to Copenhagen, and in 2011 she moved to Iceland to found a family with local musician Helgi Hrafn Jónsson, whom she met on a tour of Canada in 2008. Dickows 2014 album Whispers, featuring several songs written in collaboration with Jónsson, is a partial soundtrack to the Danish movie "En Du Elsker" from the same year. , Facebook
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