Andy Stott ringorider

November 30, 2020
One of those guys that has slowly carved out out his own thang. That slow, heavy sludgy sound. Passed Me By hooked me with it's nasty dark techno R'n'B slow grooves. Checked most bits since then. Not really peak time dance floor bangers, but hench regardless. Man has cultivated his groove and tone for years and it looks like it's paid off. Fair dos. Class music. And the art is well worth acknowledging as well. Big up!

Andy Stott loganlofi

June 24, 2020
"There’ll be a new Andy Stott album in 2020, but in the meantime..." these words from the Boomkat "It Should Be Us" description still haunt me... ANTICIPATION INTENSIFIES

Andy Stott madrfadr_on_wax

August 12, 2020
ha ha ha, just same with me, my good mate

Andy Stott teobiggie

January 28, 2020
a hero
. . . . . . . .

Andy Stott npduggins

August 16, 2018
When's the next album? About time for another LP no?

Andy Stott madrfadr_on_wax

November 8, 2019
edited about 1 year ago
Boomkat says it is 2020 year for new album... So we need to wait and enjoy in It Should Be Us EP (on 2 LPs) and sleeve with 6 legs zebra!

Andy Stott SandCastle

November 7, 2019
new ep - it should be us, hurry up 500 coloured copies and 500 black on boomkat

Andy Stott recordsondenon71

September 15, 2019
Seriously... Its been 3 years. I'll take anything from this guy!!

Andy Stott -MuzikizuM-

February 23, 2014
Andy's records blow me away. Plain and simple. Dark, moody and unassumingly beautiful.