Sex Pistols UHLY

March 13, 2021
Is there a release of the Sex Pistols published (album, compilation etc...) where EVERY of their songs is included???
I was looking through wikipedia first, that was frustrating and I see here so many albums/compilations... I don't wanna waste my time.
So if anybody knows something, please let me know :-)

Sex Pistols vicious-gimmick

March 18, 2021
The BEST compilation is KISS THIS as it contains ALL the songs on NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS and their four original 7" single B.Sides + a few tracks from ROCK N ROLL SWINDLE.

So buy Kiss This and if you like that, Swindle and Filth Lucre Live is all you will need to have almost everything by Sex Pistols, stuff that's worth having anyway. - Hope This Helps.

Sex Pistols Andrew_Lawson

November 8, 2020
When it came to expressing their frustrations through their music and style, most other punk bands were a thumbs down but the Sex Pistols were a middle finger. The passion is why people came then and still come now.

Sex Pistols TimBucknall

October 28, 2020
edited 6 months ago
several unconnected individuals i talked to claimed to own a Friggin' In The Riggin Picture disc with a boat picture, it couldn't have been pressed any later than the mid 90's as thats when i first had this conversation.
has anyone else come across this?

also those wierd Thai 7"'s and the bootleg reissues of them need to be added but i don't have the information to do it myself

Sex Pistols angusjhmcintyre

December 21, 2019
I have a Picture Disc Vinyl Copy of The Sex Pistols Riverboat Live Thames Gig ! I am very confident that it's a Bootleg or a Fan Club Edition ... but can not find this (version)
Anywhere !!

Sex Pistols angusjhmcintyre

January 6, 2020
Greetings, my good friend
Just got to read your reply today 6th January 2020. Literally just got it out from storage. Your correct "Purple 10" Heavyweight Splatter" Can't see "the made in Sweden" ! On Labels just says "SeX PIsTOLs" (sIDE A LIVe AT Thames RiVerbOat ParTy, jUNe 7Th, 1977)
(SIDE B) The same. Came in a Plastic Sleeve with 10" White Plain Inner. Also a heavy card Picture of Mr Lydon (white jacket holding can of (Heineken/Carlsberg) ! On boat with film crew and Co)
"SeX PisTOLs" "Live At Thames Riverboat Party, jUNe 7th, 1977 ~ By FaNs FOr FaNs, PUrpLe SpLaTTer WaX N0 5 Of 5" THANKS for your kind and valued time (appreciated) ALSO ! Got 10" Picture Disc with a *STICKER* !! SEX PISTOLS (9 Tracks Titles) and says !! QUOTE "mega rare test pressing - one copy made" !!
ALSO !! "Sex Pistols 10" × 2 Clear Vinyl ~ De Effenaar, Eindhoven, Netherlands, December 9th 1977. "Limited Edition 10 CLEAR, 10 BLACK, 2 TEST CUTS ~ CLEAR 7 / 10" "Intro from the master tape, now on wax for die hard fans ! This, for a forty year old tape, sounds great. It's an audience recording, possibly a 1st gen as there's no real discernible hiss to it, & it's a little boomy. The vocals are low in the overall mix but nothing gets swamped, & it improves within a song or two. There's a slight cut at the start of 'Belsen', which is probably a tapeflip, but otherwise no issues. The band sounds fairly tight onstage, & It still sounds like they're having fun - overall, it's a good addition to the canon, & one worth hearing definitely. "
( I have never played these wee GEMS ! Just SAFELY stored away ) Anno !! Mental... but
(Curiosity has not YET caught the Cat) !! The (Riverboat) one ! A year later ... the previous owner TRIED to inquire to buy it back ! Nope.
A war n' peace EPIC reply to your good self...

Sex Pistols RATNAIL

December 23, 2019
the only one i can find has purple splatters ? made in sweden

Sex Pistols floydvinyl

May 21, 2018
The Clash, The Damned, Stiff Little Fingers, 999 and The Stranglers were all streets ahead of the Sex Pistols, both musically and politically.
Essentially, the Sex Pistols were rubbish... right time, right place, but essentially crap.
Never Mind has a couple of decent tracks, but that is about it.
It was a Swindle.
Ever get the feeling that You've been cheated?

Sex Pistols uratoolbag

April 3, 2021
Hey guys, I just found out this wanker has Abba as one of his fav groups, WTF! Get a life cocko and bury ya ugly friggin head in the concrete Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Sex Pistols Mr.Suit

October 24, 2019
If you're gonna talk punk bands that took it a step or two further musically, you should go to Wire and Buzzcocks. Gotta love the Sex Pistols though! Don't even gonna discuss that. So long, sucker!

Sex Pistols saxroma1

August 7, 2019
In any case, the Pistols were articulating something heartfelt, honest and consistent with their background and experience. They did this without a 'manifesto' – and succeeded in evoking the incendiary mix of cynicism, idealism, black humour, passionate rage, moral disgust and world-weary fatigue which was unquestionably in the air at that point. The Clash, on the other hand, were a mouthpiece for a series of 'positions' devised by their Marxist manager – a man for whom politics was 'street theatre' and whose occasional illiberal outbursts suggested that his Internationalism was skin-deep at best. The Clash aligned themselves with 'causes' – some undoubtedly sincerely held – but inevitably lost credibility and cohesion under the weight of their ideological responsibilities. The Pistols dealt in more universal themes, and have therefore dated to a far lesser extent in my view.

Sex Pistols maricon67

April 19, 2019
Mate, nobody really cares about all that, except people who read too much into everything, Good luck to all the better bands. The Pistols just had the absolute swag.

Sex Pistols human_junk

April 14, 2019
hey floydvinyl it's good thing your opinion doesn't matter, posuer

Sex Pistols rossnelson1

January 8, 2019
Never Mind the Bollocks is a fantastic album! Yes, they were largely steered by McLaren but musically they were powerful, dynamic and totally rocking. Unfortunately the overt media attention was responsible for their early downfall.

Sex Pistols ZipsAndChainsFanzine

November 30, 2018
Dude, not being a big Sex Pistols fan I still have to say what you wrote makes zero sense. Whether you like them or not Sex Pistols´ impact on the music scene was way bigger than any of the forementioned bands (matched perhaps only by The Clash, although it´s debatable). And the "couple of decent tracks" are perhaps the only tracks you have heard by them. I struggle to find a weak song on that album. Again, I´m hardly a Sex Pistols fan at all, but you can´t discredit the sheer value of that record.

Sex Pistols WickaMahn

September 1, 2018
you are entitled to your opinion.....................................................I agree with the bands you've mentioned having seen them all apart from the Pistols obviously, but I disagree with your purile psynopsis!

Sex Pistols redflag77

July 27, 2018
edited over 3 years ago
999?! Wtf!! Lol. You forget to mention Chelsea, Generation X, and Eater and all the other 2 bit outfits that arrived on the back of the Pistols. You're talking absolute bollocks and must have awful taste in music!! I reckon you should call 999 so you can get your ears drained lol ;)

Sex Pistols Jimmy_The_Geordie

July 7, 2018
Musically & politically????
WTF has politically got to do with anything.
What a load of pony!!!

Sex Pistols DriveMusic0

February 9, 2018
Every lyrical word by John pure heartfelt and honest , Steve Jones guitar genius