Real Name:Manfred Alois Segieth

German producer and singer born 7 July 1946 in Munich, Germany.

He first learned as producer in the German schlager style under the name of Tess Teiges, met Jimi Hendrix (1967), made demo tapes with Giorgio Moroder and produced different international productions with Claudia Field & Red Face from the mid '70s before having his first hit "Slice Me Nice" as Fancy in 1984.

He was successful in the dance charts, topping the Billboard Dance Chart three times, and had a "Top 10 of the Year" in the US Billboard Dance Charts in 1985 with "Chinese Eyes" as producer and singer.

Fancy has produced Slip, Grant Miller, Claudia Field, Tom Carabba, Mozzart, Hurricanes, Timerider, Linda Jo Rizzo from the Flirts and some more artists.

Since over 20 years Fancy gives humanitarian support for street children (copil gasit) and for Siberian tigers in different countries.
He was guest Docent at the Munich Public Highshool (MVH). , , Facebook , Wikipedia , Bandcamp
Aliases:Andreas Jordan, Danny Jones (28), Jimmy Hollywood, Kai Robinson, Manfred Alois Segieth, Ric Tess, Ric Toss, Ringo (2), Tess (2), Tess Teiges, Timerider
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