L´orchestre Sidi Yassa De Kayes

L´orchestre Sidi Yassa De Kayes

After the 1960 independence, the Orchestre Regional de Kayes is started in order to reinvigorate the local cultures from the Mand and the Kasso regions and turn some traditional themes into modern songs. Under the guidance of bandleader Harouna Barry, they evolve as one of Malis finest orchestra.

In the early 1970s, like most modern bands of Mali, the orchestra evolved into L´orchestre Sidi Yassa De Kayes, named after Sidi Yassa, a late great singer. In 1977, they release one eponymous lp in 1977 on the legendary Mali Kunkan collection.


L´orchestre Sidi Yassa De Kayes Discography Tracks


KO/77.0418 L´Orchestre Sidi Yassa De Kayes L´Orchestre Sidi Yassa De Kayes(LP) Mali Kunkan, Le Kiosque d'Orphée KO/77.0418 France 1977 Sell This Version