Pepe Del Rivero

Real Name:
José del Rivero Azcuaga
Birth March 19, 1915 Emiliano Zapata, Tabasco, Mexico. Death Mexico City, April 13, 2000 (85 years). Occupation: composer, broadcaster producer of radio and TV, publicist. He received many tributes in life, from the publicity guild, from the State Government, from his native town, from the composers and musicians of Tabasco, several avenues have his name, however, the best tribute was the recognition of the Tabasco people who kept mourning after his death and that a group of civilians living in the capital sent a monumental marimba to dismiss him during his burial, interpreting many of his more than 60 compositions among which stand out, besides "Vamos a Tabasco", "Mercado de Villahermosa", "Guindame the hammock "," El Canalete "and" Luna de Frontera "that he dedicated to his wife and lifelong companion, Hilda Castellanos.