Bob Feldman

Real Name:
Robert C. Feldman
Raised in the "Valley" in the '60's, Bob began his bass career in 1964 with his first band "The Minutemen". The band was tapped by Mickey Rooney in 1966 to be his new TV show, "The Monkees" but underaged Bob could not get his parent's permission. In 1967 he was called by a friend, Jack Bielan, to join a new band Bill Holmes was reforming called, "The Strawberry Alarm Clock.". For several months our group was recording and promoted as the Alarm Clock. Unknown to us, Holmes was in legal dispute regarding the name and we were renamed "Strawberry S.A.C.". The entire album is completely original and used no outside composing or lyrics. The song "In Relation to our Time" was my original and Jack worked with me on. Jack, Greg, and the others were writing and each of us composed our own instrumentations. Although Holmes credit appears on almost all the songs, I am not aware he contributed with the exception of "World of Seas and Rivers". In a couple of months we had written, produced, and publicly performed the Crystal Circus and as suddenly as it began, it was over. Holmes broke up the group, took the master tapes to Italy and disappeared. I would never hear from them again. Over the following years I wrote soundtracks for films like "Live on the Air with Captain Midnight" and live on stage shows with Chuck Berry, Wolfman, Van Halen, Dick Clark and many more.
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