Real Name:
Adam Raisbeck
Adam was one of the first Melbourne-based inductees into the fledgling IF? Records label in 1995, and contributed a track to that label's first release - "Zeitgeist" - in collaboration with David Thrussell (Snog/Black Lung).

The moniker he used, "Soulenoid", was plucked up by label honcho Andrez Bergen from the Cabaret Voltaire track of the same name, as a temporary thing, but it stuck over the next couple of years, during which time Adam frequently collaborated with Scott Armstrong (Guyver 3) and David Haberfeld (Honeysmack), both in the studio and at IF? Records events like Zeitsprung and Zoetrope.

Adam subsequently adopted the moniker Whatever Man for his more drum & bass focused side project (on "Zeitgeist 3" in 1997) and these days is far more renowned for his innovative project called Sense.


IF003 Soulenoid vs. Guyver 3 Soulenoid vs. Guyver 3 - Out Of Standard(8-Trk, Ltd) IF? IF003 Australia 1995 Sell This Version