Fellini (2)


Fellini was a Brazilian rock band formed in São Paulo in 1984 by Cadão Volpato (vocals, harmonica), Jair Marcos (guitar), Ricardo Salvagni (drums and percussion), and former Voluntários da Pátria and Smack member Thomas Pappon (bass and occasionally other instruments). One of the most well-known bands of the Brazilian underground scene of the mid-1980s (and having a strong cult following to the present day), Fellini originally began as a straightforward post-punk band influenced by acts such as Joy Division, The Stranglers and The Durutti Column, but would gradually develop a more eclectic sonority that mixed post-punk with other genres such as MPB, new wave and samba rock, acquiring a unique, almost non-descript musical style.

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Members:Cadão Volpato, Jayr Marcos, Minho K, Ricardo Salvagni, Thomas Pappon, Walter Silva (4)




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