Alex Cortiz

Real Name:
Aad De Mooy
Alex Cortiz is the alter ego of Aad de Mooy, a key figure in the Netherlands's dance scene of the 1990s. From his cooker came D-Shake's 'Yaah/Technotrance', the first big international house hit from a Dutch artist (1990). In the same period de Mooy made several talked-about video clips (Kraze, Todd Terry) that were regularly seen on MTV. He then launched an international career: for his work as a DJ and in the studio as a techno- and trance-producer, he traveled yearlong around the globe.

As he traveled, his musical output broadened, as demonstrated in such projects as Flygang (old school disco) and Paradise 3001 (slow grooves/dub). The last two years have brought Aad de Mooy big success with his Cat Scanner project. Currently Cortiz and Perec are bringing down the house as lounge DJs. They can also be heard at various national and international festivals.

The new album from Alex Cortiz, 'Make Believe', is more that a logical follow-up to 'Moodfood', and once again it seems like Alex Cortiz is one step ahead of us. The album 'Make Believe' is more complete and grown that 'Moodfood' already was; it contains more funky-, soul- and dance rhythms.

Again Cortiz is supported by Xavier Perec (former DJ of the RoXY), one of the top lounge DJ's of the moment.

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CTC 2990282 Alex Cortiz - Volume I album art Alex Cortiz Volume I (Album) Vibesin' Dutchman, Vibesin' Dutchman CTC 2990282 Netherlands 1998 Sell This Version
CTC 2990092 Alex Cortiz - Moodfood album art Alex Cortiz Moodfood (Album) Coast to Coast CTC 2990092 Netherlands 2000 Sell This Version
CTC 2990252 Alex Cortiz - Make Believe album art Alex Cortiz Make Believe (Album) Coast to Coast CTC 2990252 Netherlands 2001 Sell This Version
CTC 2990413 Alex Cortiz - Mesmerising album art Alex Cortiz Mesmerising (Album) Coast to Coast CTC 2990413 Netherlands 2002 Sell This Version
CTC 2990458 Alex Cortiz - Magnifico! album art Alex Cortiz Magnifico! (Album) Coast to Coast CTC 2990458 Netherlands 2004 Sell This Version
CTC 2990460 Alex Cortiz - Phoenix - A Deep And Technoid Session album art Alex Cortiz Phoenix - A Deep And Technoid Session(CD, Album) Coast to Coast CTC 2990460 Netherlands 2005 Sell This Version
CTC-2990488 Alex Cortiz - Lo Tek album art Alex Cortiz Lo Tek(CD, Album) Coast to Coast, Swirl CTC-2990488 Netherlands 2007 Sell This Version
CTC-2990610 Alex Cortiz - Camera 707 album art Alex Cortiz Camera 707(CD, Album) Coast To Coast CTC-2990610 Netherlands 2011 Sell This Version
8714691025694 Alex Cortiz - See Me Flowin' album art Alex Cortiz See Me Flowin'(CD, Album) Coast To Coast 8714691025694 Netherlands 2012 Sell This Version
SWIRL012 Alex Cortiz - New Works * Vol.1 album art Alex Cortiz New Works * Vol.1(14xFile) Swirl SWIRL012 2014
SWIRL011B Alex Cortiz - Magnifico! Volume 2 album art Alex Cortiz Magnifico! Volume 2(14xFile, AAC, MP3, WAV, Album) Swirl SWIRL011B Netherlands 2014
SWIRL013 Alex Cortiz - Deep Deluxe album art Alex Cortiz Deep Deluxe(12xFile, Album) Swirl SWIRL013 Netherlands 2015
00003 Alex Cortiz - Oddities album art Alex Cortiz Oddities(10xFile, MP3, Album, 320) Vibin' Grooves 00003 Netherlands 2016
00005 Alex Cortiz - Zooming In album art Alex Cortiz Zooming In(11xFile, MP3, Album, 320) Vibin' Grooves 00005 Netherlands 2017
00010 Alex Cortiz - Dope Spheres album art Alex Cortiz Dope Spheres(File, MP3, Album, 320) Vibin' Grooves 00010 Netherlands 2018

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v&d007 Alex Cortiz - Funkytarista album art Alex Cortiz Funkytarista Vibesin' Dutchman v&d007 Netherlands 1997 Sell This Version
V&D005 Alex Cortiz - Unwrap Me album art Alex Cortiz Unwrap Me(12", EP) Vibesin' Dutchman V&D005 Netherlands 1997 Sell This Version
CTC 2990021 Alex Cortiz - Phunkology album art Alex Cortiz Phunkology(12") Coast to Coast CTC 2990021 Netherlands 2001 Sell This Version


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May 22, 2013
Around the millennium when 'lounge' music became tremendously popular Alex Cortiz together with Sven van Hees and Monte la Rue became the GPS of that genre. Though lounge doesn't quite fit the genre, it's more like chilled out deep house yet with strong and deep beats, addictive rhythms and melodies, and with jazz influences; it's lounge with a capital "L". Alex Cortiz (together with those two Belgiums) set the direction for Lounge. For me it started for Alex Cortiz with his album Moodfood (2000) which brought him to great Lounge heights but Alex truly became Lounge God with the albums Make Believe (2001) and Mesmerising (2002). He continued his Lounge directions with Magnifico (2004) (disc 1 containing all new tracks), but Phoenix (2005) and Lo Tek (2007) were quite different in style and pace and the Lounge journey seemed to have ended for Alex Cortiz.

Much to my surprise a dream came through when I found out Alex Cortiz rebooted himself and continues giving Lounge directions with Camera 707 (2011) and See Me Flowin' (2012). The style and quality of both albums are a true sequence of Make Believe and Mesmerising providing strong beats, catchy melodies and the typical Alex Cortiz sound he became famous for (well at least to me). It's not a step back of Alex at all, he simply continues where he left off and takes Lounge to the next addictive level.

He's given me so much daily joy with his wonderful tracks for more than a decade, I salute you Aad.

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