Alex Cortiz

Real Name:Aad De Mooy

Alex Cortiz is the alter ego of Aad de Mooy, a key figure in the Netherlands's dance scene of the 1990s. From his cooker came D-Shake's 'Yaah/Technotrance', the first big international house hit from a Dutch artist (1990). In the same period de Mooy made several talked-about video clips (Kraze, Todd Terry) that were regularly seen on MTV. He then launched an international career: for his work as a DJ and in the studio as a techno- and trance-producer, he traveled yearlong around the globe.

As he traveled, his musical output broadened, as demonstrated in such projects as Flygang (old school disco) and Paradise 3001 (slow grooves/dub). The last two years have brought Aad de Mooy big success with his Cat Scanner project. Currently Cortiz and Perec are bringing down the house as lounge DJs. They can also be heard at various national and international festivals.

The new album from Alex Cortiz, 'Make Believe', is more that a logical follow-up to 'Moodfood', and once again it seems like Alex Cortiz is one step ahead of us. The album 'Make Believe' is more complete and grown that 'Moodfood' already was; it contains more funky-, soul- and dance rhythms.

Again Cortiz is supported by Xavier Perec (former DJ of the RoXY), one of the top lounge DJ's of the moment.

E-mail address: [email protected]
Aliases:Aad De Mooy, Cat Scanner, Claxon, D-Shake, DEA (24), Dish Cuts, Dr. Nunu, Flygang, House Of Nachos, Hyper, Interface (13), Jackhead, Kwench!, LeBeau, Lucid, Lucy Ball, Maloney, MC Riesenknaller, Nu-Tro-Gen, Paradise 3001
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