Gene Hoglan

Real Name:Eugene Victor Hoglan II

American drummer born on August 31, 1967 in Dallas, Texas.

Hoglan started his career in the music scene in 1983 as a roadie for the thrash metal band Slayer: he was a light engineer, and played some drums during the soundchecks. Hoglan joined Dark Angel (3) as a drummer in 1984, and he has since recorded and toured with many famous metal bands, such as Death (2), Strapping Young Lad and Testament (2). A self-taught drummer, he has gained the nickname "The Atomic Clock" for his top-class skill and precision, even in playing complex drum patterns at very fast tempos. , MySpace , Wikipedia
Aliases:The Atomic Clock
In Groups:Brendon Small's Galaktikon, Daemon (4), Dark Angel (3), Death (2), Dethklok, Fear Factory, Forbidden (3), Just Cause (3), Mechanism (6), Meldrum, Memorain, Phantasm (6), Pickles (2), Pitch Black Forecast, Strapping Young Lad, Tenet, Testament (2), Viking, Wargod (2), Zimmers Hole
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