Da Vulture

Da Vulture

Real Name:
Frank Buynsters
Da Vulture is active in the trackerscene since (about) 1995. It all started with the modulecomposer Fasttracker II.
But after 3 year he discovered Buzztracker. He only uses software to make music. Eventhough he has some hardware, he never uses it.


Da Vulture Discography Tracks


MC001 Da Vulture Death Is Coming(File, MP3) Morphcore MC001 Netherlands 2001
MC004 Da Vulture vs. TMP Da Vulture vs. TMP - Human Evolution(File, MP3) Morphcore MC004 Netherlands 2002
MC002 Da Vulture Salvation(File, MP3) Morphcore MC002 Netherlands 2002
BFP023 Da Vulture Prophets Of The Morphcore(File, MP3) Bioforce BFP023 Sweden 2002
BFP022 Da Vulture Create Annihilation(File, MP3) Bioforce BFP022 Sweden 2002
MC005 Da Vulture Shadowman (Phrenetic Remix)(File, MP3) Morphcore MC005 Netherlands 2002