LTJ Bukem JimpyScratch

June 27, 2021
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Danny Williamson is a musical Shaman. Healing vibrations - Beats for body and atmospheric effects for soul. These sounds changed my life and introduced me to a music I never knew existed way back when... I thought the psychedelic sixties and Indie was the be all and end all once, those genres are mostly too dense a frequency for me now compared to this inspirational genre

LTJ Bukem DJ_DimitryofSound

November 19, 2020
last year in Moscow he plays his mix on my turntables and after the party he left the signatures on both of. he's friendly! it was amazing time before pandemic lockdown...

LTJ Bukem as reviewed by Hest0n

November 15, 2020
Remarc, one of my all time idols and for me the king of the jungle released an album on Planet Mu, 'Sound Murderer'. Simon Reynolds a contributor to the early-to-mid-1990s UK magazine/compilation series Volume Magazine wrote a piece on the back of the sleeve which really sums up my views on the whole 'intelligent' Drum N Bass thing.

'People used to talk about 'intelligent' drum 'n' bass, but the tunes that ruled the jungalist dancefloor represented a kind of rhythmic intellect at its most penetrating and ferocious complex. Pure Science. No need for wish-washes of synth, pseudo-sophisticated jazz chords or embarrassing attempts at 'proper' songwriting. Just snare rushes, cyberskankin B-lines and some sparingly used vocal samples (ragga Boasts, gangsta threats and sweet diva licks). That's all it took to put you in jungle heaven.

The whole 'intelligent' way of making music felt very boring and all the tunes where drawn out to ridiculous lengths, there was no energy accompanying the music, it all felt so dry and boring.

LTJ Bukem Stuck_In_1992

January 10, 2019
So when is LTJ Bukem - Take Me Away [Unreleased] 1993 coming out? It's really nice. It reminds me of the "Teach Me To Fly" track that he did with Trace.

LTJ Bukem ofsi

February 16, 2015
Does Bukem still produce anymore? I want new tunes from him!

LTJ Bukem ofsi

March 19, 2015
My mistake! I missed his remix of Dusky's Yoohoo! Glad to hear he's still killing it.

LTJ Bukem m.a.j.i.c.

February 5, 2014
I am looking for a particular song of LTJ Bukem's where much like the song 'Horizons', it has a old vocal backing which is quite legendary. It may not be one of his songs, but it is probably on one of his albums, and it goes something like this:
"You must be willing to accept the fact that pain is a part of the process of revelation. You have to be willing to take the field and stay on the field the way Duke stayed on the road".
If anyone knows, it would extremely helpful. Thanx guys.

LTJ Bukem Howard-M

April 23, 2015
Sounds like your looking for Llorca - The Novel Sound, its an tune bukem played but not on his label, its from about 2001 I think

LTJ Bukem as reviewed by 2TECHSS

May 1, 2013

LTJ Bukem Mr_Geese

March 23, 2012
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atlantis and the western tune oh yeah his bookworm track, after i start to get bored of his music, you can talk about deep and progressive it's ment to be often words used bukemites to try and convince you his music is somehow more spiritual more meaningful than anybody else s.

You cannot doubt that in the early 90's he was a legend a pioneer, i'd never try and take that away from him, i'd fight anybody tried say otherwise, but for me my OWN PERSONAL OPINION bukem commits the biggest cardinal syn as an artist, he shoeboxes himself into one style and stays in that comfort zone.

Making for boring music, the very core of his music is very much the same thing over and over, why not try a bit of piano? Hardcore? jump up? ragga? darkside? amen smasher? Tech step? clownstep even
anything but that boring wishy washy elevator music, that you've been creating for the past 21 years

Maybe he has over the years under alias maybe they sucked, but you know what i'd have given him alot more credit as one of the legends of jungle, at least he'd have tried something a bit different


LTJ Bukem Orbtastic

January 24, 2013
Was "jungle" not one of the things he was trying to step away from and innovate with his music?

I remember his first 4-5 releases were pretty good, really different for the time - the samples used and his influences clearly coming from jazz etc. Then I agree, after about '95 it became a little repetitive and I personally lost interest.

You can't really touch those early releases though, they were genre changers...or depending on your POV, genre creators - "intelligent" dnb was born.

LTJ Bukem Duds1

January 3, 2013
You gotta be kidding...

LTJ Bukem zaandam

October 9, 2012
I believe he stuck to his guns waiting for the scene to evolve, waiting for the future that is future jazz... i think we will see the scene unfold back towards uniting real jazz instrumentals with comntemporary music production.. he got a bit repetative, but he propeled the scene. and never sold out to the mp3... legend.

LTJ Bukem Mr_Geese

September 11, 2012
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i kinda forgot about that, i was more on about the label though i should have been clearer my mistake

LTJ Bukem 321donny

August 29, 2012
"Western" was written by PFM, not Bukem...

LTJ Bukem wotsawonder

August 8, 2010
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