Í Svörtum Fötum

Í Svörtum Fötum ("dressed/men in black") is an Iceladic pop-rock band formed in the year 1998, by Jónsi Snæbjörnsson, Áki & Páll Sveinsson, Einar Örn and Hrafnkell Pálmarsson.

Origins can be traced to the last century. In the spring of 1998, their plan is to create an acoustic band. Soon were current members to get lost in, first came Áki Sveinsson, then Einar Örn Jónsson in the image band was once again under the name of Goldfish. Next they contacted guitarist Hrafnkell Pálmarsson. When singer Thora had to stop due to maternity in autumn 1998. there was a 21 guy named Jón Jósep enlisted in their vocal audition. He impressed everyone with his happyness and powerful singing and he was hired by the band.

Was now practiced by the great warrior and is not ruled out that black Soul music in the spirit of James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Sam & Dave and Aretha Franklin has been a panel. Soul and fun band in black clothes had become a reality and held his first concert in Reykjavík Coffee January 1, 1999.

Clothing at this time was simple; white shirt, black binding, well Bona varnish shoes and black suit from Sævar men. The name came from Jons who had always dreamed of creating a Funk Band under the name Funk in black clothes. But where MIB played little funk was "... in black clothes" suffice and it was the idea that anything can be appended in front of the name.

In the spring of 1999 took Kari Arnason as a trymbill. He drummers in almost a year, but left MIB January 2000 Þorvaldur Thor Þorvaldsson ran pass short notice and can safely say that he had a major impact on the success of the band.

In 2000, it was very good for the black clothing. Where the band played it received great response and reputation of the band steadily increasing. Therefore, it was decided in December of that year released the album notes 1. Recordings mixer and output took a total of 10 days and can be argued that the quality has been consistent with it.

Song: Naked came out in April 2001, and was the first song the band reaching general favor as it was well care for the work under the guidance of Haff in SSSól. The song reached second place in the Icelandic list is very good in the first shot.

In September 2001 became turning point in the history of the band already signed a contract with the dial on 4 plates.

In December 2001 the band sent from his first Christmas song called "Christmas is coming". Disabled Sports Federation gave the song out of the eponymous album. We track was made splendid video and hopefully the song established itself as an essential element of Christmas preparations population.

In 2002, acquired in black clothes itself as one of the most popular bands in the country. February and March of that year will be late knocked out by these 59 days was the band 42 times, in addition to going together a trip abroad. The band was recognized as "Best of the ball" on Hlustendaverðlaun vessel Fm 957 and summer began recording the first real album of the band which was named the "black clothes".

Last pússlið current world black clothing was Hvergerðski drummer Paul Sveinsson who joined the MIB in August 2002. He went into making this record, and played their first gig for 30,000 spectators of. Today the dark night sat in the beginning of December at the top of both charts the country, and the Stereo Fm 957th album sold thousands of copies and got the gold - the first gold album MIB was in port!

2003 held ISF members remain in full force and released album Relations for Christmas. Received critical acclaim album as ambitious pop production received a positive review. Songs that reached the popularity of Women, inter alia, No word, nothing to hide, and desire that You are my everything. Relations sold thousands of copies and went gold.

2004 was a year ISF, almost all of the audience award prizes FM957 were in the house and gaming all over the country. The third record black clothes, while I sleep, went gold - three gold albums in three years! Next year we took Excessive Gaming in each village of successively, both domestically and abroad.

In 2005, gave the boys in the MIB Hagkaup and verlsunar centers country holiday but let Jons to their own hugarefnum he released a solo album for Christmas. The black clothing played for the biggest audience of Culture 2005, but they were one of the default in the recent concert at the harbor in RVK - played for about 100,000 people! A year later they released fourth studio album boys - Word. The album enjoyed substantial popularity not bring it into gold.

We arrived at a crossroads Year 2006-2007 the band decided to go on a break from public performances since hardly been fríhelgi since 1999. Could the boys, however, to keep completely quiet since both 2007 and 2008, they were one of the main national holiday numbers in the Westman Islands.



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SCD303 Í Svörtum Fötum - Meðan Ég Sef album art Í Svörtum Fötum Meðan Ég Sef(CD, Album) Skífan SCD303 Iceland 2004 Sell This Version
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